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Posted by: E-Collins
« on: March 28, 2024, 12:56:00 AM »

New faces often appear in the entertainment industry, attracting audiences with their charisma and talent. Noah LaLonde is one such budding talent. LaLonde's influence can be seen in everything from compelling crime dramas to endearing romances on television and the big screen. We examine his noteworthy works and the variety of roles that have brought him notoriety in this post.

1. “Criminal Minds” (2022)

Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
IMDb Rating: 8.1
Role: Noah LaLonde portrays a member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). The team uses behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate crimes and track down elusive suspects known as “unsubs.” The show’s intense storytelling and character-driven plots have made it a fan favorite for years.

2. “My Life with the Walter Boys” (2023)

Genre: Drama, Romance
IMDb Rating: 7.0
: In this TV series, LaLonde plays a pivotal role as part of a blended family. Jackie Howard’s life takes an unexpected turn when she moves to a Colorado ranch, becoming the guardian of nine boys and one girl. The show beautifully captures the challenges and joys of family dynamics, sprinkled with romance and heartfelt moments.

3. “Deer Camp '86” (2022)

Genre: Comedy, Horror, Thriller
IMDb Rating: 9.1
: LaLonde shines in this thrilling movie set in 1986. A group of friends embarks on their annual deer hunting tradition, but something sinister awakens in the woods. As the hunters become the hunted, LaLonde’s performance adds depth to the suspenseful narrative.

4. “Asbury Park” (2021)

Genre: Drama
IMDb Rating: 6.0
: In a world on the brink of revolution, LaLonde’s character navigates a time when justice and upheaval collide. The film explores themes of activism, resilience, and the power of collective voices. LaLonde’s portrayal contributes to the film’s impactful storytelling.

5. Upcoming Projects

LaLonde continues to expand his portfolio. Keep an eye out for his role in the upcoming thriller “Q.,” where he plays a homicide detective investigating a brilliant murderer. The film promises psychological intrigue and unexpected twists.

About  Noah LaLonde

Noah LaLonde, born on March 22, 1998, hails from Macomb, Michigan. His journey into the world of entertainment began early, as he found himself drawn to school plays and theater during his childhood. As he grew older, his focus shifted toward hockey and sports, eventually becoming his primary passion.

Noah LaLonde Marital Status: Single
Noah LaLonde Net Worth: Estimated net worth is $500,000
Noah LaLonde Age: 26 Years as of March 2024, he was born on the (22 March 1998)

Early Acting Endeavors

In his elementary and middle school years in Macomb County, Noah actively participated in various school plays. His roles ranged from Prince Charming to the Big Bad Wolf, and he even took on the delightful Christmas version of Elvis, aptly named “Elfis”! These early experiences ignited his interest in the arts, even if he couldn’t fully define his attraction to acting at the time.

Hockey and Beyond

Noah’s love for sports, particularly hockey, played a significant role in shaping his youth. He proudly recalls that hockey was “the defining element” of his childhood and early adult years. As a forward for Grand Valley State University’s hockey team in Allendale Charter Township, Michigan, he dedicated many days to the rink, scoring three points (including one goal and two assists) during his brief stint with the team.

However, as hockey became more demanding, Noah turned to films and television as an escape. These different worlds on the screen provided solace and inspiration during intense hockey seasons. His passion for storytelling and connecting with people led him back to acting, where he explored various acting studios and worked on independent short and feature films. Noah’s desire to spread love, inform, and entertain through modern-day platforms drives his commitment to the craft.

Acting Career Highlights

Noah’s acting journey gained momentum with roles in several notable productions:

“Criminal Minds” (2022): In this popular crime drama series, he portrayed a serial killer named Gael Bruneau in Season 16, Episode 4, titled “Pay-Per-View”.
“Asbury Park” (2021): His first major role was as Rece in this drama film, which explored themes of activism and resilience.
“Deer Camp '86” (2022): In this thrilling movie set in 1986, Noah’s performance added depth to the suspenseful narrative.
“My Life with the Walter Boys” (2023– ): As Cole Walter, he shines in this TV series, portraying a character whose life takes unexpected turns after a tragic football injury. This marks his first series regular stint after a one-episode appearance in “Criminal Minds”.

Beyond Acting

Noah’s artistic talents extend beyond acting. He has dabbled in cinematography and photography, lending his skills to well-known brands like Twisted Tea, Moosehead Breweries, Shopify, and Timberland.

As Noah LaLonde continues to captivate audiences, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his promising career. Whether he’s solving crimes, navigating family dynamics, or immersing us in thrilling tales, his performances leave a lasting impression on screens big and small

How to Watch Noah LaLonde Movies Online

To watch Noah LaLonde in the mentioned shows, you can explore online streaming platforms or websites. Here are some options:

Criminal Minds: This popular crime drama series is available on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and CBS All Access. Check if it’s included in your subscription or available for rental/purchase.

My Life with the Walter Boys: As this is a newer series, it might not be widely available yet. Keep an eye out on streaming services or official channels for updates.

Deer Camp '86: You can search for this movie on platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV, or YouTube. Availability may vary by region.
Remember to check the availability and regional restrictions on these platforms. Enjoy your viewing


Noah LaLonde’s journey from school plays in Metro Detroit to captivating audiences worldwide showcases his dedication and versatility. As he continues to grace our screens, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his promising career.

Whether you’re a fan of crime-solving drama, heartfelt romance, or spine-tingling thrillers, Noah LaLonde’s performances are bound to leave a lasting impression. So grab your popcorn, dim the lights, and immerse yourself in the world of this rising star.

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