Don't allow a woman to distroy you


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Don't allow a woman to distroy you
Posted on: November 27, 2013, 11:15:06 AM
Never you put your trust in a woman because you might end up giving her the chance to disgrace and destroy your life, be your self, and have limit in everything you do with a women including how you love her to avoid regrets in the future.

Never tell her that you can't live without her because instead of appreciating that you love her, she will use it as a weapon to destroy you at the long run.

Love is always sweet when you start it newly but ends with sorrow, it does not always end the way it started, all you did at the beginning might turn against you at the end.

To have a Good not a perfect relationship the two parties must be ready to compromise their pride, one must submit to the other.

Women should also know that they need to have a king to be able to be called a queen, you can't become a Queen without a King.

While trying to find a perfect woman or man why don't you try to be a perfect man or woman to someone
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