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Posted by: Gonzaga
« on: January 10, 2014, 05:49:07 AM »

 While many actors would tell you that talent, is a
better quality than beauty, to succeed as a movie
star, none of them would beat their chest that
beauty counts for nothing. Just as talent seems to
speak the loudest, beauty does do some talking, to
weave a blend of perfection which either could bring. Now imagine a perfect blend of beauty and brain,
this, many actors have concurred is a sure winner.
Here, are a list of ten actresses who took
Nollywood by storm, parading uncommon beauty
and brain, which keep them on top of their trade. Collete Orji: Collete Orji is said to have made her breakthrough
in ‘Hidden Treasure’, a movie which starred her
alongside veterans like Olu Jacobs and Ramsey
Nouah. She has been enjoying a good measure of
fame since she came on board. Damilola Adegbite: *Damilola Adegbite Mannequin-like Damilola Adegbite came into
prominence on the cast of Tinsel, a long-running
soap opera. Damilola finally dumped Tinsel some
years ago to test the allure of the big screen where
she scored big with ‘Flower Girl’. She has since
become a conscience hard to shake off on people’s mind. Daniella Okeke: There has been so much talk about Daniella
Okeke’s butt recently with allegations running wild
that the beautiful actress did a surgical job on her
butt which according to many, was not as big and
voluptuous as it is now. Daniella relaunched her
career with a daring exploit in a recently released ‘Lagos Cougars’, a film by Royal Arts Academy
productions. Mary Lazarus Mary Lazarus isn’t the shy type who would mince
word about what she wants. She has said fame
doesn’t interest her, that money, is all she is after.
Perhaps, this is why she has done virtually
everything the entertainment world could offer. She was strictly doing soaps, until, she was made an
offer too good to refuse in ‘Desperate Housegirls’
where she announced her arrival on the big stage. Tamara Eteimo: Tamara Eteimo who won the Next Movie Star reality
show in 2011 has come to stamp her presence in the
movie industry. Even highly critical director,
Charles Novia could not fault as he named her
among his top actresses on 2013. Eteimo did
several blockbusters in 2013 including the ‘Desperate Housegirls’ Tope Osoba: Tope Osoba does strictly Yoruba films but her
talent and beauty has earned her recognition across
board, winning her accolades from several quarters.
She featured in ‘Gucci Girls’, ‘Igboro Ti Daru’ and
many others.