Nigeria Did it in Jenior world Cup can they do it in Brazil 2014 world Cup


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 Do you know that Senior world Cup takes place in Brazil in few weeks from now.

The biggest world Football competition (Senior World Cup) play in every 4 years and we have waited to watch it, feel it and probably see the world finest footballers like C.Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar etc.

The only question i have been asking but find no anwer and i know once you are a Nigerian you will be asking the same question as well which is "why is it that Nigeria can and always trouble the whole world when it comes to Jenior world Cup but find it hard to even qualify from first stage in Senior World cup"

What do you think about this agument can you tell us why Nigeria always do well in Jenior world Cup but fail to qualify in a group stage in Senior World Cup.

Do you believe that something different will happened in this 2014 Senior world Cup in Brazil, i personally Can't wait to see our guys in Action in Brazil and i hope to see surprises and improvement from previous Senior World Cup.

Is also too bad that none of the African Countries has ever reached the third position in Senior world Cup, my question is can they say no this time and shock the world, we all  believe that Nigeria and Ghana will do well, Ghana did well in 2010 can they go as far or beyond as they did in 2010 Senior World Cup.

Please kindly share your view about the upcoming 2014 Senior World Cup in Brazil and the stages you expect Nigerian and Ghana to reach in this Competition.
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