2014 world cup kicks off in few days


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2014 world cup kicks off in few days
Posted on: June 09, 2014, 11:40:11 AM
2014 world cup kicks off on thursday this week and all of us is waiting patiently to see the football finest in action in Brazil and if i may ask which country do you think that will finally win the 2014 Senior World Cup in Brazil?.

How are you preparing to watch the matches you know that Nepa/Phcn etc will not give the required electricty that will help you enjoy all the actions, so what alternative do you have to watch this 2014 Senior World Cup in brazil

As for me i am prepared and ready to go without missing any of the matches with my DSTV reciever and my Smartphone, all i need is to charge my phone battery and wait for the Match i want to watch.

For those who don't have Dstv mobile or its reciever don't worry i know you have that (i better pass my neighbor) small Tiger Generator and fuel is now N97 no more N130.

Ok let assume you have prepared like me, tell me which country you like watching but i will start with my own.

first country i will not miss any of their matches till the end of the 2014 world cup is as follows:-
1. Nigeria: Yes once am healthy i will not miss any of Nigerian Matches because am a Nigerian and i will like to see our guys in action and i hope to see them turn things around this time unlike their previous performances in world cup.

2. Portugal: In case you don't know am a big fan of C, Ronaldo, i don't joke with him at all and i can't wait to see him in action if only he will recover from injury on time.

3. Brazil: Brazil is really a country that every one wants to see in action because they are filled with lots of talented players and always a team to beat if you can, i really don't joke with their matches.

4. Argentina: well being a fan of C, Ronaldo doesnt make me hate Messi and is a man to watch on the pitch, so i can't equally wait to see Messi in action to see how far Argentine can go this time.

This 4 countries i mentioned is the countries am willing to spend my time watching all their matches without any intention of messing a single one.

Other countries like:
England and so many of them is also my favourites but i take the 4 countries more seriously than any other.

So guys let go there and don't ask who will carry the 2014 word cup abi world cup because am going to carry the cup this time, they even say na gold, i want to be the first Nigeria way go drink water with gold hahahahahah! Don't laugh
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