prescription of drugs abuse and why you should avoide risking your life


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Drug can can change you life negatively and can equally destroy and kill if you don't resist it and follow the right channel.
Let look at what drugs did to some people who misuses it.
Hazel was a 19 years old who tried to solve her problems with drugs. But addicted became her biggest problem. She died of an overdoes

Ted was an excellent collage student who thought he could control his use of heavy drugs. He murdered someone under the influence. He can't remember doing it.

Sue Was a young girl who wanted to try pot "Just once" This is her second time in jail for drugs. Her future looks grim. She's addicted!

Dick went from beer to marijuana to cocaine. When leaving jail the last time, he told the chaplain "I am off drugs for good" Three months later he overdose and never recovered.

Joe ran with the "in" crowd in high school. They started mixing drugs with alcohol on weekends. He's now doing 15 years for dealing drugs.

These cases come from New York suburb's police files. Are thy unusual? Hardly.
The question is: Why do people gamble with drugs when the risks are so great? Some of the confusing and contradictory answer are: To turn on, To turn off, To find myself, and To escape.
The method used to get high invariably lead to disappointing lows-sometimes even death!

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