How to block images and flash when browsing with Firefox


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How to block images and flash when browsing with Firefox
Posted on: August 05, 2014, 10:47:20 PM
Since Firefox updated their browser months ago they removed the option where we used to disable images with just a few clicks and because of that I decided to use the old version of Firefox until I found a way to disable images and flash when I wish to do so because sometimes you might have limited internet access that you wouldn�t like to be wasted while view bunch of image and flash files.

To know more why you may need to disable images in your browser checkout this post:

How to block images and flash on the new Firefox browser:

All you need in other to block images and flash files in any webpage that you are viewing with Firefox is a simple and easy to use Firefox add-on called IMAGE AND FLASH BLOCKER by Shimi100

This add-on is the best for me once it comes to blocking images and flash files in a webpage, now let see how this add-on works.

First visit ��.. To download the image and flash blocker, install and enable the Firefox and the restart your Firefox browser for the add-on to take effect.

After restarting your browser everything needed to block images and flash will be ready and to use it, left click your computer mouse they see the option s as you can see on the below image.

Use your mouse to navigate to the Image and Flash blocker and you will see all the options available for the image and flash blocker add-on such as:
Firefox image and flash blocker

    Images on, Flash on
    Images off, Flash on
    Images on, Flash off
    Images off Flash off

These are the options you can see when you left click your computer mouse and navigate to image and flash blocker.

All of the images and flash blocker options above is easy to understand but for those who find it hard to understand, I will explain each of them in a way you will understand it perfectly.

    Images on, Flash on

This option can only be selected when you wish to view all the images and flash in a webpage, as you can see above everything is ON both images and flash and Images on and Flash on is the first option you can see on.

Though this option is enabled by default and if you need to disable images or flash you need to change it.

    Images off, Flash on

This is the second option for images and flash blocker add-on and when you select this option all the images will be blocked while flash files remains active.

    Images on, Flash off

This one is the third option on the main menu of Images and flash block and opposite to Images off, flash on which means that when you select this option images on the webpage will be active and visible while flash files will be blocked.

    Images off Flash off

This is the last but almost the most important one because in this option you can kill two birds with one stone, once you select this option both Images and Flash will be blocked.

Another good thing about this Firefox add-on is that you don�t need to reload the pages to see the effect because once you select any option it will take effect without reloading the page.

You turn now, if you have any question or contribution regarding to how to block images and flash in Firefox browser.

You can download this add-on by clicking your your Firefox browser options + add-on and use the search box on the top right side to search for image and flash blocker and sure you will see lots of them

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