How to properly use your limited internet Data plan to last longer


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Having a Computer or mobile phone is not enough for you to browse the net without having them connected to the internet which we need to pay for it.

internet data plans

Internet data plans can be classified into limited and Unlimited, now let us look at the differences between limited and unlimited internet data plan.

Limited internet data plan

As the name implies, word limited means that it has volume and an end, when you have limited internet data plan you must use it wisely because when you have exhausted the data allowance allocated to you, then your connection will be blocked until you buys another one.

Though this post is all about how you can properly use your limited internet data plan but before then let look at unlimited internet data plan.

Unlimited Internet data plan:

Unlimited data plan is an internet data plan that has no limits in terms of usage but often has validity period which means that with unlimited internet data plan you can browse and download as you wish with any limitation once you have not passed your validity period allowed.

Validity Period:

In case if you are finding it hard to understand what I mean by validity period, let me give you an example.

When you buy unlimited internet data plan for 1 month and you are allowed to browse and download as you wish until 1 month then your subscription validity period is 1 month.

NOTE: Unlimited data plan might be far expensive compared to limited data plan and can as well be slower than limited plan because your service provider might not allow you to browse and download as fast as you wanted but limited internet data plan tend to be more faster because service providers will like you to consume you internet plan as fast as possible so that you can buy a new one from them.

Now let get back to the main business because this article is not for those using unlimited internet data plan but for those who uses limited internet data plan and if you are one of them then you are on your way to learn how to manage that your little limited data plan.


Now let face it and know what do and what not to do in other to save and properly use your limited internet data plan.

Download wisely:

When you have limited internet data plan you must be conscious of what you download they must be high important to you before downloading to avoid downloading irrelevant files that consumes your data unnecessarily.

Download only the things that are necessity and ignore those that are less important so that your data will last longer and when you are ready to buy new one.

Browse web economically:

You need to browse the web economically and you can disable images and flash because 50% of you data can be consumed by viewing large images and flash media on the webpage you are viewing though the new Firefox browser have removed the option to disable images which was present in old Firefox browser but I have writing detailed guide on how to disable images and flash media on the new Firefox browser.

Disable Automatic Update:

Enabling your mobile phone or computer including any app/software to update automatically can consume the whole of you internet data in few minutes.

Example: When you allow your windows computer to update automatically and it needs to update something that will take up to 100megabyte while you have 100megabyte allocated to you, then it will run you data to 0byte and cut-off the net.

The best bet to save this is to set all your pp/software to only update when you recommend not automatically.

NOTE: Allowing your computer to update and fix your security issues is very good but you cannot do that when you have little limited internet data but remember to enable windows and other installed app/software to update anytime you have sufficient data plan that can handle the update for better performance.

Don�t use unnecessary browsers add-on:

The add-on you installed and enabled in your browser can be consuming little amount of your internet data when trying to load and when you have multiple of them, they will contribute in your data consumption, try not to use unnecessary add-on to avoid wastage of your data.

Questions and Contribution time

Do you have any question regarding to all of the above statement or have something to contribute the once I have said, feel free to have your say and join the conversatio


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