How to speedup your pc using usb memory or phone memory


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How to speedup your pc using usb memory or phone memory
Posted on: August 07, 2014, 05:55:32 AM
No more complain over slow PC/Laptop Speed again.. Are you Suffering from Crawling Speed when using a System with Low RAM Size or Heavy Works slowing down your PC Speeds? We�ve got an Unbelievable Solution to this.
I know how frustrating a Slow Laptop/PC can be but we all have got a powerful Tool in our Hand to Speed up your System? Ask me what Tools it is� It�s your Phone!
A Mobile Phone is a very efficient Device to Speed up your Phone x10 faster than the Speed of a RAM. No Software Needed, Just a Simple Steps Involved and a your PC Crawling Issues will be a thing of the past.
 1. Connect your Phone via Cable to your PC/Laptop, You will be Prompted with some Options on your Phone Screen.. For Nokia + Other Phones choose Mass Storage & For Blackberry Phones use USB Drive.

 2. An Autoplay window will appear on your System Screen, Just scroll down to the bottom of the Window and click on �Speed up my System


 3. The Readyboost Window will appear, Tick �Dedicate the device to ReadyBoost� from the Options available, Make Sure the Level of the Speed is at at 4094MB » Then click on the Apply and then OK button.
Your System Speed will surely Increase after you Successfully apply the Steps above Correctly.
Apart from using your mobile phone as a tool to boost your PC/LAPTAP Computer speed, USB memory cards can still do the job perfectly well, just insert your memory card in your usb port and you will see something like the one you see on the sample image above, then follow the same steps you used to connect your phone and connect the usb memory and feel the speed of your computer.
In case you don�t the performance of you computer depends on its memory size, any good computer always carries large memory that enables it handle some heavy duty works without any struggle.
The main problem is that not everybody has enough money to buy a computer with up to 4 to 8 gig ram that is why we provided this solution to enjoy a better performance even though your computer don�t have up to 4-8 gig ram.
I have a HP Computer with a 4 gig Ram and i still have a usb memory card of 8 gig including my 16 gig mobile phone which i can dedicate anyone of the memory to make sure my computer handles all my work efficiently without any delay because a delay in my kind of work will be a huge set back and am not willing to let that happen
NOTE:- If you�re unable to get to the Readyboost Window on Step 3, Check your Phone, You might have a low memory size available on your Phone.
  This ram memory booster has been tested and confirmed working on Window 7 and 8 OS you can as well try it on windows XP to see if it works for you because i currently don�t have windows xp.
 Good luck and i hope it helps, if you need any question or help don�t hesitate to ask.

Method 2
 HOW TO ENHANCE YOUR COMPUTER SPEED EVEN WITH A LOW MEMORY Computers are known to be a carrier and reservoir of virus, which most people know that it results into the sluggishness of the system. But to some, low memories are the core causes of the slow functioning of the system.
This is the time every body would think differently, because an answer is here to advance your system�s accuracy. It�s a time in which people would see virus in their computer and over look it. It�s also a time whereby people would see other people�s computer which is slow and say �YES! I can handle this problem�.
These steps are like �so is this how it works, and it�s in my computer o�. That just exactly how you would feel after following these steps. Before we go to the steps, I would like to highlight them for you.
1. Refresh frequently
2. Defragment daily
3. Perform disk check monthly
4. Perform disk cleanup often
Computer�s speed can be regained by refreshing; this is because as programs runs on the computer, its memory (brain) is at work and needs something to continually cool itself, that�s why refresh is recommended.
To refresh is the most simplest aspect and quick aspect of this speed enhancing method. That is: right click on your desktop background or a window background, and you would see a rectangular pop up, go straight to refresh and click. That�s all; keep on doing it frequently as you perform some operations.

This is another task you have to perform in other to enhance the system speed. Though it takes several minutes to complete task, but you need to be patient because, it takes files that has been scattered all over the system to the place where it belongs, thereby creating space for the computer to run faster.
Note that, red, blue, green, and white coloured lines used to represent the state of the computer. The Red, represent fragmented files, that is the files that are scattered all over the system. The Blue, represent contiguous files, that is the files that are in their normal position or together. The Green, represents unmovable files, that is the file that cannot be moved nor fragmented (scattered). The white, represent the space.
 Now to perform this task:
 1. Go to My Computer, right click on Local Disk, navigate and click on properties.
 2. After that a rectangular box would appear, go to tools at the top of the box, navigate downwards and click on Defragment Now.
 3. After that, a horizontal box would show as seen above. Then just click on Defragment bar at the bottom and wait until the task is completed.
 That�s all for that, and you would wonder how you system can perform tasks so fast.
 This is a task performed in other to delete, brush out, and remove completely any debris hanging on the computer�s hard disk.
To perform this task:
 1. Go to My Computer, right click on Local Disk, navigate and click on properties.
 2. Go to Disk Cleanup on the rectangular box that shows.
 3. Wait for the loading of a small rectangular bar.
4. After loading, another bigger box would show which you are to check the scattered files to delete, then delete after checking and click on OK.
 That�s all; just wait for the action to be completed.

 This is a task that deals with re correcting all the errors on your computer hard disk, which is when defragmenting has been performed and the computer still looks sluggish in performance, disk check would correct all.
 This is the only task that is different from others because, it is done when the computer is been restarted after the command or when the computer boots. The picture here, shows only when the command is been programmed, and when the start button is been clicked, action would not occur but a box would tell you when to start (box below).

This task has to be done at startup of the computer (booting) as I said earlier in other to perform properly.
 To program this task:
 1. Go to My Computer, right click on Local Disk, navigate and click on properties.
 2. After that a rectangular box would appear, go to tools at the top of the box, then navigate to Check Now� and click.
 3. Check all the small space in that box that appears, and click start.
 Click Yes on the next box that appears, and restart your computer in other to perform the operation.
 That�s all, even with a low memory these task can be performed and you would not even be afraid.
 Note: if the action of your computer appears slower, FORMAT it completely.

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