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Posted by: Everest
« on: August 08, 2014, 10:19:10 PM »

  I have decided to bring this issue of allowing and sending disturbing and unnecessary short code SMS’s to peoples to the public hearing of all Nigerians, just to know if you guys feel the same way with me and some people complaining bitterly about the disturbing and irrelevant Messages they receive from all the Mobile Network Operators in Nigeria.


I don’t really know more about other networks apart from MTN Nigeria that I use but I know that other  network follows the foots steps of their leader.

I don’t know if you have been experiencing the same thing that has been happening for long where you hear you phone message tone and when you rush to see what you family or friends sent or even bank alert but sorry what you are likely to see is:

Example #1
From: 33330
Message Body:

Lord, give me your strength and peace today and fill me with your faith which overcomes all in Jesus name Amen. FOR DAILY CHRISTIAN PRAYERS, REPLY (PRAY. N50/WK)

Interesting right, we are talking about Jesus and players here and is Good to talk about Jesus and Players but the truth is that I will not be happy if I receive this when I needed money badly and expecting Bank alert from one of my customers. Trust me your reply will be (oOoOoOoo!).

Example #2
From: 33115
Message Body:

Lord teaches me to put the roots of my faith in you, so that I can withstand any storm that I may face.
Amen! Reply (PRAYER @N100/Month) Txt stop to opt out.

You have seen another one but this one is at least better than the other one because they gave you the option to opt out if you don’t need them to be correcting your money every month.

Example #3
From 35777
Message Body:

If your number ends in 0, you are chosen to participate in Nigeria Mega Jackpot.
N110,000 will be given in total TODAY!
Send WIN to 35777 NOW.

Guys my number ends with “0” and I am sure if you number ends with 37, the message will start like this: (If your number ends in 37, you are chosen to participate in Nigeria Mega Jackpot.)
They are just looking for your N100, so note that before you win 110,000 they will first win your N100 so be careful when you see something like this!

Example #4
From: MNS
Message Body:

Get latest football news from SuperSports. Text SSW to 4900 for 7 days free, N30 weekly applies after.

This one don’t even give you any option to opt out when you join them because after 2 one week they will be correcting N30 from your phone every week.

This example above is just few of them but I could remember when I started using mobile phone years ago, I hardly receive this kind of messages.

I fully understand that I am one out of millions and billions of Nigerian’s and if I don’t like it others might but what i am saying is that too much of everything is bad we must let this Nigerian network operators know that things is getting out of hand with all this their Necessary but not need SMS MESSAGES.

Though all this messages is not from network operators but some individuals and companies who are doing business by sending one thing or the other and then correct your Money in exchange but am not saying they should not do their business but let them give options to stop/opt out.

Bloggers/Internet marketers can use your email to send you messages but also gives you the option to unsubscribe if you think that you are no longer interested in receiving any mail from them.
Is an offence to give somebody an option to ENTER without the option to GO OUT.

I keep on blaming Network operators because they allowed it after all if it was free browsing cheat they will know how to block it in seconds.

Giving out their SIM CARD free or selling it N50 doesn’t give them all the privileges to allow people or to send and disturb their customers all in the name of mobile marketing.
Imagine when I receive more than 10 messages a day and almost all of them are marketing messages just like the example messages I talked about above.
Sometimes when you hear you phone message sound you will not even border to check it because you are sure to see one of the useless messages that you usually receive.

Finally please I beg you in the name of God if you agree with me that this network operators should monitor and minimize all this SMS messages they are sending kindly don’t leave this page without using the comment box below to voice out your own experiences so that they will know that  I am not the only feeling the same way.