How to flash your phone by your self now made easy

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How to flash your phone by your self now made easy
Posted on: July 29, 2018, 11:52:49 PM
MOBILE PHONE FLASHING TUTORIAL, I made this post because I see that many people can’t get along with other Tutorials. So I wanted to make this An Easy Step by Step Tutorial
Correct Me If I’m wrong somewhere because I’m not experts who does not make mistakes.
 Read Carefully a few times before you flash and don’t be shy to ask

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1. J.A.F. 1.98.62. –> search for it using Google, Extract and Install J.A.F.

 2. OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5 –> search for it using Google, Just Extract. No need to Install.

 3. Nokia PC suite –> search for it using Google and Install it. Needed for the cable connectivity Driver

2. FLASH WITH A CFW (Custom Firmware)

1. Check Your Phone Model by pressing *#0000# (in the Nokia phone keypad) and wait a second.
 There will you see:
Phone Model: e.g. my phone model is: 5530 It may be 5230, 5228 or any else
 Device Software: e.g. On my 5530 it is V32.0.007 (And you need to look for it carefully when you download a CFW, The CFW must match your Device Software so don’t upgrade your Device Software with FOTA)
 Phone Type: e.g. RM-XXX (RM-XXX means your RM. It may be RM-356, RM-428 etc.) My phone type is RM-504 so download I Nokia 5530 : RM-504 v32 CFW
I will update you Guys with latest cfw and ofw for your various mobile phones types and models  soon

2. Download your desired CFW and. For example Photon C6-03 or search for latest cfw on the net

3. Download the needed CORE files which you can usually find in the same place where your CFW is.

4. Extract all .rar files

5.Make a folder like this: –> C:Program FilesNokiaphoenixproductsRM-XXX
 (If your RM is RM-504; Then make the folder as ‘RM-504′)

6. Copy Or Just Move Your CORE Files in the Folder /RM-XXX like in this pitcure below ↓ :
If the file names do not match then rename the names of the CFW files to your Original Firmware files

7. Then Copy and Place the CFW files in the same folder RM-XXX
 Usually there ar 2 or 3 CFW files: .Rofs2, .uda and sometimes .Rofs3 (but you can flash without .Rofs3 as I do it)
Don’t use any .Rofs3 if you use Photon C6-03
 These are .Rofs2 and .uda from Photon C6-03 CFW below ↓ (put them in the same folder)

If the .uda file names match then just copy & replace the .uda with one from your CFW
Now, when you got all the Needed Software, CORE files, and CFW Files (Rofs2+Uda) we can continue to the next step.
Before do anything Open Nokia PC Suite and don’t close Taskbar Icon. Just like below

8. Now Open the OGM JAF PKEY Emulator v 5 as Adminstrator and wait till it opens this below ↓
 (For Windows 7 users: Right Click On OGM JAF PKEY Emulator -> Properties -> go to Compatibility Tab -> Tick “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” Windows XP service Pack 3)

9. And just click GO and wait again till it opens this below ↓

10. IGNORE the Error and just click OK and wait for this below ↓ and Go to The BB5 tab

After you pressed the BB5 tab it should look like this ↓

11. Now Tick Manual Flash and Dead USB and Uptick CRT 308 like in picture ↓
 NOTE: Tick it Just Like in the Picture below ↓

12. Tick Use INI ↓

13. Now Choose Your Phone Model And Check If It Is Your RM-XXX

IMPORTANT NOTE: If everything goes right then proceed to step 19.
But if Your Phone Is NOT Listed or there is nothing happening Then Proceed to The Next Step“

14. Now Look at the Green Bulbs (ONLY THOSE WE ARE GOING TO USE)
MCU = .C00/c0r
 PPM = .rofs2.
 CNT = .rofs3
 APE = .uda.

15. IMPORTANT Open the C:Program FilesNokiaphoenixproductsRM-XXX folder again
 and Rename this file RM-504_32.0.007_prd.core.C00 like so RM-504_32.0.007_prd.core.c0r
 So you just need to Rename the end of the file. From .C00 to .c0r
 Make sure that you write small c, number 0. Not letter O. and little letter r
 So that together it makes c0r. P.s. If you’re not sure then just copy from here

16. Click on the MCU bulb and search in your /RM-XXX folder for the .c0r file

17. Click on the PPM bulb and search in your /RM-XXX folder for the .rofs2. file

18. We Don’t Use CNT (.rofs3.) for C6 based CFW’s like Photon C6-03
 We use CNT (.rofs3.) ONLY for Original Firmwares (OFW)

19. Click on the APE Variant bulb and search in your /RM-XXX folder for the .uda. file

20. Now check if everything is right, but if not sure then ask, I’ll try to help
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before You Flash Your Phone please make sure that the battery is at least 30% charged.

21. For better results connect your phone to pc in Mass Storage mode and delete folders: System , Resource , Sys and Private in your Memory Card or just Format your Memory Card

22. Switch OFF your Phone and connect it to PC through USB cable

23. Now Click On FLASH !!!

24. Then Click On Yes
!!! A message will be displayed to switch “ON” your phone
 Single press the Power key of your Phone (Dont press and hold it)
 It will install the drivers needed for the Phone automatically and after that will process flashing showing the red and the green bar like in picture below ↓
And when it shows Done like below ↓ then I can say CONGRATULATIONS You Are Finally Done

!!! After that disconnect your Phone from the USB cable and wait till it Turns ON
!!! It Is Normal that it turns on a little bit longer than ussually.
!!! Most CFW’s need to be restarted once after flashing.


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Re: How to flash your phone by your self now made easy
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ineed to flash my phone


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Re: How to flash your phone by your self now made easy
#2 Posted on: August 20, 2022, 04:43:54 PM
Nice ????

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Re: How to flash your phone by your self now made easy
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Tecno Y2 mobile

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