How to reset and unlock your forgotten mobile security code


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How to reset and unlock your forgotten mobile security code
Posted on: August 15, 2014, 07:07:29 AM
If you have forgotten your Nokia phone security code, simply follow the Tutorial below and do it your self and see the things you will be needing below in other to do it by your self,
i. Nokia PC Suite
ii. Nemesis Service Suite
iii. Phone data cable

1. First the latest version of Install Nokia PC Suite
2. Then install Nemesis Service Suite (NSS)
3. Now connect your mobile phone to your computer with the data cable. If the phone prompts, choose default mode or PC Suite mode but do not open pc suite yet.
4. Next, start Nemesis Service suite (NSS)
5. Select scan for new devices button (on top right corner of NSS)
6. Click on Phone Info button.
7. Now click the Scan button.
8. Under Power Mode, select Local and then click Change. At this point, your Nokia phone should restart, and you should see the text Local mode across your phone screen.
9. Under Production Data Edit, click Read button. The textboxes should now contain values.
10. Check the Enable check box beside Product Code

11. Click Write button.
12. Select Tools button on top
13. Click Factory Settings tab
13. Tick Full Factory button and click Reset button.
14. Final step, go back to Phone Info and click Normal then Change.
Now your security code should be 12345
1. Connect your phone in PC Suite mode
2. Open Nemesis Service suite (NSS)
3. Then click on scan for new devices button (top right hand side)
4. Click on phone info button.
5. Now Click on Scan.
6. Select Permanent Memory.
7. Click on Read.
8. It will read the permanent memory file and save it on the disk at following path.
9. Open the .pm file using Notepad.
10. Now scroll until field [308], and on the 5th Record (5=) your security code is saved at there.
11. Like 5=31313131310000000000
12. Remove all 3 digit and it will be 31313131310000000000
13. 11111 is your security code.
Alternatively, you can read the PM file with Nokia BB5 PM Security Code.

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