How to unlock your Android Phone after you exceeded unlock limits


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Are you being locked out of your own smartphone simply because you accidentally entered your security code incorrectly several times, you might not be the one trying to unlock your phone but someone else who wants to gain access to your phone do, but don’t worry there is a way out, thanks for this solution below.

 How To Unlock Your Android Phone After Lock Limits Have Been Exceeded Android smartphones makes use of (unlock pin, Pattern lock, or fingerprint) security systems which makes it very difficult to unlock the phone without the user's authorization.But all these systems have an auto lockout, which automatically locks the phone whenever someone forgot and fails to input the correct unlocking pin of the phone after several trials.

This particular problem is being experienced by most of the Android users, that is why I decided to provide a solution for those who experience the similar problem and people who are still facing the same problem especially now that Android phones are becoming popular and wildly used all over the world.
Without wasting most of our times, there are two simple ways you can follow to fix this problem. The first method involves signing in to your Gmail account but this method works only if you have synchronized your phone with your Gmail before your phone was locked.
The Second Method Involved Resetting Your Factory Settings but in other to reset your Android phone to default settings you need to follow this steps below:
1. Firstly you need to Power Off Your Android Smartphone and then Press and Hold the following keys in this order;
Up Volume Key then
 Home or Middle Key lastly
 Power Button

 Note: You must not leave the above button keys you are holding until your phone starts rebooting.

Now Your Android Smartphone will boot up and show some strange codes, and then some options would be provided.
2. The second step Use the Volume key to scroll down to Restore your Android phone to its Factory Defaults or probably Delete all User Data depending on the options provided.

3. Thirdly and finally once you have selected your desired option and followed all the above steps is now the time to scroll down and select Reboot and your phone will reboot and restore everything to its original state and your old password and data will be deleted.

When using the second option to restore your Android phone to its factory settings, make sure you backup all your important files because you might lose all or most of them.

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I helps a lot

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I don't know my puk number and I've been locked out

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