Things to checkout before buying any Smartphone


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Things to checkout before buying any Smartphone
Posted on: August 15, 2014, 08:45:15 AM
Everybody wants to buy and use new generation mobile smartphones but as they say all fingers are not equal just as we have numerous types of mobile brand and Operating Systems (OS) all over the market but the truth is that some is better than others, for that reason i prepared this article to tell you the things you need to checkout before buying any smartphone.

If you are thinking of changing your current mobile phone to something better then read till the end because this article is fully prepared for you to help you make the right choice when buying any mobile phone.
  • How to determine the right mobile brand.
  • How to determine the right Operating System (OS)
  • How to determine the price worth of the phone.
I have 4 article contents that i am going to explain to put you to the right direction.
How to determine the right mobile brand:
As we all know that we have lots of mobile brand names such as Nokia, Samsung, Iphone, Htc, LG, Sony, Blackberry, Techno and so many of them, but the question is which one to go for?

The best way to handle this question is to check the previous brand that you have used before.
Example: if you have used Nokia or Samsung and didn’t have any problem with them and maybe you wanted to upgrade to something big then you must know that every brand has their own current best that you can go for once you had no problem with the same brand you previously used.
When you want to change from your current mobile brand to another one i will recommend you go for well known brands such as Iphone, Samsung, Nokia, or blackberry device, though there is no offense if you wish to checkout new brands they might even be more strong and powerful as they try to make their own name in the market.

How to determine the right operation system (OS)
After choosing the right mobile brand to go for the next thing to consider is operating system (os) the mobile phone is built on.
iphone has their own ios which no other brand can use except Iphone brand but with different ios versions.
Iphone is said to be more stable and powerful among others but the problem hear is that an Iphone device can really be more expensive than others.

When it comes to Nokia powered device you will see that they use multiple OS to power their devices.
Example: old Symbian OS, Windows OS and Android Os

As you can see above Nokia phones runs in three different Operation System depending on the model type.
Some will agree with me that Symbian is now outdated while Android and Windows is becoming more popular and desirable for many reasons such as.
Its suitability.
Performance speed.
Available Unlimited and Advanced Apps and games etc.
Android and windows is really a good OS and a good choice but might not be user friendly compared to the old Symbian Os, also Android and Windows Os consumes more data when browsing compared to Symbian.
How to determine the price worth of the phone
Some smartphones is always more expensive than others and they are not just expensive but there are things that made them to be expensive which we are going to checkout.
Here is the list of the thing that can make a smartphone to be more or less expensive.
Ram memory:
Ram helps determine the speed performance of any mobile device and any expensive smartphone is required to have from 1 to 2 gig ram or possibly more.
Some smartphone can be good looking with good Os but only runs on 515mb ram such phone cannot be that expensive because such phone cannot perform any faster compared to smartphone with 1 or 2 gig ram.
More ram means that the device can handle many applications and games that required more memory to run without hanging.
Few example of some Smartphone’s that runs on 1 or 2 gig ram as follows:
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 = 2gig ram.
  • Nokia Lumia 1520 = 2gig ram
  • Apple iPhone 5s = 1gig ram
These are some of the example of the smart phones that uses more ram which makes it perform better.

Mobile phone ram is one of the first things that contribute in the price of that particular phone.
Operating System (OS):
You need a Smartphone with a stable OS because having more ram without running on a stable OS can be a waste of money but once you can afford a Smartphone with 2gig ram powered with good OS then you have spent your money on something good.
Internal and External Memory:
Just as we have Ram to help the phone carry its activities smoothly, what about those memories that help the Smartphone to install some personal files such as media files like video, mp3 or applications, Games, etc.
The higher internal memory is the higher it contributes to the price of the phone example Smartphone with 16gig is always cheaper than the same phone with 32gig.
Other Features:
Apart from Ram memory, Operating System (OS) or internal documents and media memory there are other things that can contribute in the price of any given mobile phone which we must not ignore the features you can see in a Smartphone.
  • Some has fingerprint while some don’t have.
  • Some has scratch proof while some don’t have.
  • Some has More Sensors while some has few.
  • Some built on plastic while some on aluminum etc.
In conclusion don’t let anyone deceive you and give you what you don’t need because a good Smartphone cannot be determined by its look but what it has inside and what it can offer.
If you have any question regarding to this especially if you are preparing to buy a new phone kindly post your comment below.

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