how to find your stolen and lost mobile phone


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how to find your stolen and lost mobile phone
Posted on: August 15, 2014, 09:19:50 AM
Nobody wishes to lost his or her phone but this may actually happen and even though so many people store useful information in their mobile phone gadgets, some of them don’t have a clue on the right procedure to follow after losing their phone. There is a list of things one has to check in order to increase the chances of recovering the cell phone successfully and avoiding the loss of important data stored in it, for that reason i have compelled 10 helpful ways to find your lost mobile phones and if you are interested to know how to increase the chance of getting your stolen and lost phone back then read till the end.

#1. Reporting to the police:
You simply have to report the theft or loss to the police so a statement is issued and they provide you with a reference number you can use to claim your lost phone. The police may not be of much help at locating the phone, though they may find it. It’s worth trying.

#2. Calling your service provider:
Many people choose the option of calling the service providers and reporting the theft. The cell service providers may choose to start tracking the phone using the phone number provided and IMEI, or they can disable the device remotely. So it’s better to know your IMEI before the cell is missing.

#3. Tracking your phone using GPS:
Phones with GPS location tracker may be easily found if you trace them via Google maps that show their exact location. If you have iPhone, go into your iCloud account. Blackberry user might consider having the Find Berry app, and the Android fan should add more apps on the download list from Google Play. Such software may even allow one to suspend all the accounts that have been connected to the phone as a safety precaution.

#4. Trying to contact the current holder:
Trying to get the lost cell back, it’s no harm at all to just call one’s number. In case the when nobody is picking, try sending a text message to your phone offering a reward to the person who found it, or it actually may be a person who stole it.

#5. You can get your phone back if mistakenly lost and falls in save hands:
You may also get lucky if a person who found your phone is honest and caring. In such case, you may have your phone number listed in the contact list or another place it will be easily found. Anyone who finds the lost mobile phone may choose to call and give it back without asking for any payment.

#6. Tracking your phone using SPY software/app:
Luckily, you may have previously installed cell phone spy software to keep track of your call logs or messages. The spy software can be of great help as you may log into your service account and locate your lost phone through this software. If there is GPS of Wi-Fi signal, you are most certainly going to find it.

#7. Going directly to your service provider:
Consider the following solution: paying a visit to your mobile service provider. Such companies as T-mobile, Sprint and Verizon may be of great help in locating the lost phone cases. If the SIM card is not out, the battery is full and especially if you know your IMEI, it won’t be an issue of more than an hour.

#8. Android OS users have the advantages over more theft tracking app:
People using phones that run on Android OS have an extra advantage as Google Play store contains lots of applications, at least one of which they must install just in case. And if needed, one will be able to track the phone location anytime remotely from the computer.

#9. Calling and using third-party websites:
There’s no necessary need to struggle with tracking if the cell is lost. Try calling your number using another person’s cell phone or when no soul around, just log in to websites where you can call your number and check if the phone is nearby.

This method is very much applicable especially in cases when the phone was not put in a silent mode.

#10. Using self-destruction text messages:
Several apps are actually able to send self-destruction text messages to a lost phone and lock it automatically so it becomes useless in the hands of a thief until the owner finds it.

One may also choose to use some pretty functional applications that can even cause a cell to produce a siren when in silent mode, and one can use to trace the phone if lost at home or when the phone is recently lost in a room full of people.
Finding lost or stolen mobile phone can be fruitless and time-consuming, hence it’s best to use the available safety options and install the apps in advance for faster tracking process when the phone is lost or is always kept in safe places.

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