The editing magic of adobe photoshop and noiseware


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The editing magic of adobe photoshop and noiseware
Posted on: August 17, 2014, 07:01:59 PM
Some people, who like pictures and love snapping, tend to make themselves fit in a nice background. But unfortunately for them, good backgrounds don’t come their way.

There is a software called Adobe Photoshop. This software deals with the editing of pictures, documents, creation of animations and mostly used for editing photos. The magic here about this software is that, it can remove the ugly background that makes you look like someone from the gutter and place you into an environment of heavenly creation, but it takes patience and skill to really bring it to achievement.

Take for example, a picture which was snapped in a background of not beautiful.
 Just a simple editing, the picture would be transformed into an unbelievable one, with the editing, people would see it and think it was snapped life at that place, but it take a little patience to edit and transfer the image.
That’s by the way; let’s go on to the tutorials on how to actualize it.

 Steps to follow:

 1.    Download and install the software containing “adobe photoshop” or “adobe ImageReady” (adobe image ready is good for comics also).

2.    Open adobe ImageReady (it’s because it’s easier to use for a start), go to file, navigate to open, then choose a file (picture format) to open in the box that is been displayed, and click open in that box.

3.    after that, a tool box at the left side of the screen containing tools that you would use for editing, go there and click on polygonal lasso tool and shapen out the image you want to remove to another background, and feather the selection by holding “Ctrl + Alt”and then press “D”.

4.    After that, right click on the selection and navigate to select inverse. Press Backspace, and the background would be removed.

5.    Copy the image left, and open another picture that contains only background with the same procedure in 2.

 6. After that, past the image that was left on the new background. If it shows too small or not satisfied with the size, right click on it (the image left) and navigate to free transformation. Adjust to any size, and position to your satisfaction.

7.    Save this newly created image by going to file, navigating to export original…, after this a box would open. In this box give the file a name and clicking save. Another box would open after saving, just click ok, and that’s all.
 After the editing with Adobe Photoshop or image ready, you would need to make the face or image free from any spot or blurs.
 Then we would now go to a software called Noiseware. This software deals with the filtering of images in other to remove all and any spot or unclear face away to make it fine, attractive, and beautiful.

Take for example, a picture that was a freshly snapped, and after editing and filtering with Noiseware filter it will turn to be a spotless one. That’s how it works.
 But to know more on how it works, simple procedures are to be followed.

 Steps to follow:

1. Download and install the software “Noiseware Community Edition.”
 2. After making use of the Adobe Image Ready, copy the edited file and paste on the noiseware window.
 3. After that, go to settings on the noiseware box and click on the box near Go and choose the action you want. After that click on Go. That’s all. To save simple, just go to Save As and click. A box would open, give the file a name, and click Save.
 That’s all, and you are ready to take more pix.
 Note: practice makes perfect, the more you practice, the faster your work becomes neater.

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