Understanding the use of Mobile Navigation Maps both Nokia and Google map


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Do you have mobile phone that has mobile navigator maps enabled with gps system, do you know how to use it and why you need to make use of you mobile maps, this article will teach you everything you need to know about mobile phone maps and its importance.

The truth is that not every mobile phone can handle the navigation map, it's only smart mobile phones that have what it takes to run this wonderful map which includes mobile phone that has the gps (global positioning system) and compatible mobile map installed.

There are two method in which you can use Nokia map namely  Online and Offline, let me explain further what i meant by online and offline.

Using Nokia Mobile Map in online mode:
You can use Nokia mobile map on any gps enabled mobile device but when you use your mobile map in online mode it means you are asking your map to work by using your internet data plan or your money when you don't have valid internet subscription which can cost you more money.

Using Nokia Mobile Map in offline mode:
This is the most recommended option when ever you dream of using your mobile map because you don't need any internet subscription plan in other to use your map but you need to download the whole map and install it on your mobile phone so that when ever you wish to use your mobile map you can just use map loader to load your mobile map and navigate around the world.

The only way to download this mobile map if you are using Nokia mobile phones is through Nokia ovi suit, once you connect your map with ovi suit and click on the map icon you will see the list of all the countries map which you need to download your desired country map and apart from map there is other option to download voice guides that enables the map to communicated to you by voice.

They main question we have here is what is mobile map?
What can it do and how to use it?

This questions above is what we are going to take a look at, so that you can be able to know everything about mobile map and how to use it.

Mobile Map:
Mobile map is a mobile application that let you view the whole world and or various locations and also let you find your way home and to locate any place around you and the whole world, you can as well use it to find nearest banks, feeling stations, shopping plaza's etc.

As you can see above, this is the sample of Nokia mobile map which shows the locations of anywhere i wish to see in Nigeria including the streets.

How to use Mobile Maps:
One of the benefits of buying and using smart phones includes advanced mobile maps which can always be found on any smartphone but today some people spend lots of money on mobile phones just to show their friends that they can afford it, there are also people who have never tested it for one day after buying expensive mobile phones.

With mobile map you will never lost your way, and how is that possible?
The first thing you need to do when you start using mobile maps is to stand in you home and let the map to find your location which you can pin point the exact place that you are standing with all the streets name around you.

Tap that location and save it as favorite and when ever you go to somewhere and you want your mobile phone to take you home, all you need is to find your favorite and navigate either through walk or drive, it will draw a line that will show you a way back to your house.

Mobile Navigation map can really do a lot more than you think and even communicate with you through voice once you installed the voice map application.


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