2014 updated Glo data plans codes and configuration settings all packages


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Here is all the Glo data plans or internet data plan that contains daily data plan codes, Weekly data plan codes, Monthly data plan, Blackberry standard data plan and Blackberry 10 date plan.

In this article am going to make it easier clear so that you can understand every single part of Glo data plans, subscription procedures and how every one of them works.

Before we continue let me explain more for some people who might not know what i mean by Glo data plan or can can be called internet data plan.
Data plan is an access which can be given to you by your mobile phone service provider to enable you access the internet at any given price depending on the data plan you choose.

In Nigeria we also regard internet access as MB which represent data megabytes, in other words you need to subscribe to data plan in other to have full access to browse, chat with friends, download and upload files

Note: Every mobile Network operators has their own data plan but what we are talking here is about Glo data plan, which codes to use to subscribe and how long it can last and the amount that can be used to subscribe.

Glo Data plans and subscription codes:
we are done talking let see all the internet data packages that glo has and how to subscribe to each of them.

Glo Daily Data plans:
Plan Name    Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 127    USSD Code
Always Day    500    195MB    1 Day    10    *127*3#
Instant Surf    100    20MB    1 Day    51    *127*51#
Smallie    200    50MB    3 Days    56    *127*56#
Glo Weekly data plans:
Plan Name    Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 127    USSD Code
One Week    400    65MB    7 Days    52    *127*52#
Big Week    500    150MB    7 Days    57    *127*57#
Glo Monthly Data Plans:
Plan Name    Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 127    USSD Code
Always Micro    1,000    350MB    30 Days    53    *127*53#
My Phone    2,000    800MB    30 Days    55    *127*55#
Always Macro    3,000    1.5GB    30 Days    54    *127*54#
Always Min    5,000    4GB    30 Days    11    *127*2#
Always Max    8,000    8GB    30 Days    12    *127*1#
Silver    10,000    11GB    30 Days    15    *127*11#
Gold    15,000    17GB    30 Days    16    *127*12#
Platinum    18,000    21GB    30 Days    17    *127*13#
Glo Blackberry data Plan
Plan Name    Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 777    USSD Code
BES Month    4,200    3GB    30 Days    BESmonth    *777*6#
Absolute Month    1,500    3GB    30 Days    BBA Month    *777*23#
Absolute Week    500    700MB    7 Days    BBAweek    *777*24#
Complete Month    1,000    3GB    30 Days    comonth    *777*21#
Complete week    400    700MB    7 Days    coweek    *777*22#
Social Month    1,000    3GB    30 Days    somonth    *777*9#
Social Week    400    50MB    7 Days    soweek    *777*8#
Glo Blackberry 10 data plan:
Plan Name    Price (N)    Data Volume    Validity    SMS to 777    USSD Code
Max Month    3,000    1638MB    30 Days    maxmonth    *777*13#
Max Week    1,050    700MB    7 Days    maxweek    *777*14#
Mid Month    1,400    550MB    30 Days    midmonth    *777*15#
Mid Week    550    150MB    7 Days    midweek    *777*16#
Lite Month    1000    200MB    30 Days    litmonth    *777*17#
Lite Week    400    50MB    7 Days    litweek    *777*18#
How to use your glo data plan on modem configure as shown below:
APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat
Dialed should be *99#

To configure your Mobile phone to use glo Data plan use the settings below:

APN: gloflat
Username: flat
Password: flat

Hope you can now make a right choice among all the Glo internet data plans listed above and if there is any question don't hesitate to ask.


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