How to fix your Laptop computer battery problems


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How to fix your Laptop computer battery problems
Posted on: August 31, 2014, 06:17:40 PM
Laptop batteries can fail you when you needed most and sometimes loses their ability to hold a charge, but don't worry this post will let you determine if a bad battery is causing the problem or whether your laptop has some issues that made your laptop battery not to work properly.

I will start by showing you some problems and possible solutions to all your laptop battery issues because you need to know where the problem starts in other to determine how to solve it.

1. Laptop Battery Problems:
Example: If you plug in the adopter of your laptop in the power outlet and the charging indicator failed to show or when you power on your laptop and you see a warning notice "Not Charging"

The areas to check is as follows:
  • Battery
  • Battery Adopter
  • Laptop Motherboard
  • System BIOS
You need to follow these technique to diagnose the root problem of the battery. first you need to remove your laptop battery and insert it again to see if the battery is going to charge when you connect it to the adapter.
First step: Find a compatible adapter either from your friends or anywhere you can get one and connect it to your laptop charging port and if the battery charging indicator shows that the battery is charging, then you have found the problem that your adapter is faulty.
Solution: Buy another compatible Adapter for your laptop
Second Step: If the battery failed to charge after changing changing the adapter , then your laptop DC Power jack may be loose or damaged, see third steps below to identify if the DC power jack is damaged or not.
Third Step: You laptop BIOS plays a major role in charging your laptop battery when the system is not on, you laptop BIOS contains all the details about the connected DC adapter and the installed battery pack.
All the details and values change in real-time in your device information section of your laptop BIOS when you connect and disconnect the adapter.
If the AC adapter is listed as unknown device, then you need to replace the adapter with new compatible one.

If after trying the above steps and solutions and the problem persist then you need to change your replace your battery with new one especially once you are sure that other things is working find like your DC charging port etc.
2. Laptop battery overheating problem:
Recently i wrote an article that can help you resolve any laptop overheating problems titled: Computer Laptop overheating Problems and Solutions
If after reading the overheating solutions and the same problem still persist, kindly visit computer technicians to help your further.

3. Unable to hold charge after charging overnight:
The major problems some laptop battery has is the inability to last longer as it should after charging which can limit your work in so many ways but the solution is to make sureĀ  that you don't let your laptop battery discharge completely, recharge the battery when your laptop shows low batter notice.

If your laptop is working on n AC adapter and fails to charge the battery, the solution is to remove the battery and clean the battery connectors/terminals and insert it back and if it still not charging then find another laptop the same with yours and exchange the batteries and see what happens.
Hope this tutorial has been of help to you, and if you still need any other help kindly use our comment box below to let me know how i can help you.

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