Happy new months and welcome to ber months of 2014 [prayer]


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Happy new months and welcome to ber months of 2014 [prayer]
Posted on: August 31, 2014, 11:34:16 PM
I am saying happy new month to all the xtremeloaded forum members, today is 1st September 2014 which is one of ber months as we call it, "MBER" months is this months that ends with "BER" they are (September, October, Noveber, and December), also the first month of the ber months which is always the hottest for good and bad but God will always allow us to see good not the bad and i wish you all more blessings, protections,divine favour. good health and upliftment,  throughout the rest of the remaining months.

The evil one's will not see you even when you are sitting right in front of them because they will always be blind when they come looking for you, No accident for you this BER months because God has given you the free gift of protection this BER months, all you need is to believe in his word and other things shall be added.

Nobody can stop your blessings this BER months and all your targets and heart desires must be accomplished because God says that we shall be the head not the tail and when God says yes nobody can say NO, God has said yes to all your good plans for the remaining months of this year, believe it and see the miracle happening in your life.

You will find favour in the eyes of God and man, those who said who are you will turn and say how are you, those who said that you are useless will testify and see how useful you become to the entire generation, those who called you nobody will live to see that you are somebody, those who said that you are going to die will live and see how your live healthy and successfully, those who said that you don't have anybody will live to see that with God you have all.

This is my personal prayer to all the new and old members of Xtremeloaded.com because without you xtremeloaded is nothing, all i need from you is to write Amen before leaving this page if you believe it and you will see the difference

Thanks for being part of Xtremeloaded.com, I LOVE U ALL


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