61% Of Nigerians Approve Pres Jonathan's Performance


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61% Of Nigerians Approve Pres Jonathan's Performance
Posted on: September 02, 2014, 06:25:31 PM
ABUJA - The latest governance poll conducted by the NOIPolls Limited indicated that 61 percent of adult Nigerians have approved the job performance of President Goodluck Jonathan last month, especially in the area of improved electricity supply to some households.
The results showed that while 41 percent approved of it, 20 percent strongly endorsed the President’s performance.

President Jonathan
This rating currently being at par with the rating obtained in January 2014, represents a 1-point drop from July’s rating which was recorded at 62 percent.
More findings according to the polls revealed that slightly more than half 51 percent of adult Nigerians experienced an improved state of power supply to their households within the past one month
According to NOIpolls, “an assessment of the President’s performance on key elements of his transformation agenda in the month of August revealed that the President received an average three rating in his performance on Job creation, power, economy, education, health, agriculture & food security,
“Transportation and Foreign Policy & Diplomacy except for Security, which he performed poorly. Still based on his transformation agenda, the month of August saw a push in the President’s performance on Power and Economy to an average rating (3) following a continuous poor rating since February 2014.
“This figure illustrates the highest positive rating recorded in power supply from the inception of the NOIPolls power monitoring polls in January 2013. These are some of the key findings from the Governance Snap Poll conducted in the week of August 25th 2014.
“These results represent the eighth in the 2014 monthly series of governance polls conducted by NOIPolls to gauge the opinions and perceptions of Nigerians regarding the approval rating of the President, the performance of the President on key elements of his transformation agenda, and the state of power supply in the country.
The firm explained respondents to the poll were asked three specific questions on job performance of President Goodluck Jonathan over the past 1 month and that the results revealed that 61 percent of adult Nigerians surveyed approve of the President’s performance where 41 percent approve and 20 percent strongly approve.
“A total of 26 percent of the respondents assessed disapprove of the President’s performance, where 18 percent disagree and 8 percent strongly disagree. Furthermore, 13 percent remained neutral as they neither approve nor disapprove.
On zonal analysis, the NOIPolls said “the South-East and the South-South zones accounted for the largest fraction of respondents who approve of the President’s job performance with 89 percent and 74 percent respectively. The North-Central and North-West zones have the highest proportion of respondents who were neutral with 20 percent and 17 percent.
“Also, the North-East zone and the North-West zone have the largest proportion of respondents who disapprove of the President’s job performance with 41 percent and 38 percent respectively.
“Monthly trend analysis of the President’s approval rating reveals that the President’s approval rating remained almost stable with a slight decline by 1-point to stand at 61 percent in August 2014.
This current result and that obtained in January 2014 both represent the second highest rating since NOIPolls started its governance poll in January 2013. Likewise, the average rating of the President’s job performance after 8 months is at 56.5 percent, this implies that the President performed above his 8- month’s average by 5-points.