Must Read Joke i came across today


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Must Read Joke i came across today
Posted on: September 03, 2014, 01:40:42 AM
A friend Uchenna Obasi published this on facebook and it really sounds interesting not just a joke, i guest it will make your guys laugh for 1 minute.

Stupidity: is when a man sleeps with c0untless Ladies
with0ut c0nd0ms but still carries his 0wn clipper to the
barber’s sh0p .
- RACISM: is when a white BB Bold 6 cost more than a
black BBBold 6.
- NEMESIS: is when you submit your answer sheet with your expo inside.
- A WITCHis that girl that eats nkwobi, fish pepper soup,
shawama, suya, chicken, smirnoff, fayrous & when you
take her home she says sorry I’m on my period.
OVERSABI: is when you are eating salad with a girl &
she says ‘honey, this food no done’. -
OLODO: is when you are in a plane with a guy & he says
‘honey I’m hot, can you please roll down the glass’
- STINGYNESS: is when you finish reading this and you
refuse to like, comment & share


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