Corruption: Kogi LG Chairman Suspended Over 'gross Misconduct


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Corruption: Kogi LG Chairman Suspended Over 'gross Misconduct
Posted on: September 05, 2014, 05:18:39 AM
The crises brewing in the Kabba Bunu Local Government Council of Kogi State has reached a head as all the 15 Councillors, arising from their meeting on Thursday announced the suspension of the chairman, Emmanuel Funsho Otu, accusing him of various acts of misconduct, stealing and illegal diversion of council funds.

According to the lawmakers, the chairman had in the past year ran the affairs of the local government council like a private estate, hiring out equipment of the council to people they describe as his “cronies”.

The chairman was also accused of allegedly diverting the council money into his personal account..

The councillors equally  accused the chairman of denying it of its statutory  functions and his refusal to pass the 2014 budget for approval.

Per Second News gathered that the resolution specifically alleged the chairman of diverting  approved funds for specific projects,willful retrenchment of staff and secret employment of his cronies and relations in their stead without following due process

Addressing news men over the issue, the council leader, Hon Olorunmola Yomi Matthew who came along with other 14 councillors, alleged that the chairman also purchased sub standard vehicles to the council contrary to the approved ones.

He also said the chairman sometimes in November 2013 forwarded a letter to the legislative arm requesting for a #15 million loan which was granted, but regretted that the project of which the loan was granted was never executed

The council leader therefore said after due consultations with stakeholders and in the interest of the kabba- bunu people, they had no option than to suspend the chairman for three months while an investigating panel will be constituted to try him

In the meantime, the council leader said,the vice chairman of the council is to act as the new chairman.

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