EBOLA: Schools Must Take This Steps Or Be Closed


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EBOLA: Schools Must Take This Steps Or Be Closed
Posted on: September 05, 2014, 05:34:14 AM
It is not unusual after due assessment to open schools sooner than later. Since the increase in rate of infection to date, hasn't been as fast as predicted, so it's okay the enactment is under review and this restriction to be lifted

Though good news to schools, however they should be more pro active rather than let Govt look into their business again. Self regulation is the watch word to proprietors, Daily temperature checks at all school entrances.

Notes: Fast implementation

Daily temperature checks at all school entrances.
Any child's temperature above 37.2 should be sent back home
Proper direction in the entering at schools to avoid undue rush and unnecessary body contact
Post advert for Volunteers or engage Nigerian Red Cross to organize volunteers during Morning rush Hour to schools and after schools to control people
Every school should send a representative to the nearest Local Govt for a brief training and interpretation of results of the devices.
Hotline to EBOLA Center and report any unusual health problems
Mandatory Anti Bacteria Hand wash, Hand spray for both Student and Teachers in every classroom...not one to a school...one to a classroom
Devices available at all school entrances in Lagos, Port Harcourt, Delta and Abuja
Parents make sure you demand all this devices and ask schools question as to their preparation level regarding devices for test, water availability and Hand wash

This devices are really not that expensive...private schools and public schools should be mandated to procure directly from Local Govt or any designated transparent efficient company,

An indigenous NGO org can provide the funds and we could source the devices...everybody needs to do his share to stop the spread of this deadly disease.
We can't all leave the Govt to decide our faith. It's a known fact that so many Nigerian politicians are very Unpatriotic.
I trust Lagos state administration to make the best of this opportunity

Wetin no kill us can only make us better and stronger

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