3 Wrong Things Nigerian Movies Will Teach You.


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3 Wrong Things Nigerian Movies Will Teach You.
Posted on: October 07, 2014, 06:44:14 PM
Here are some of the few things you would probably learn from nigerian movies apart from the fact that you can legally ellope with your beloved girl friend and her once naive parents would later come and beg you to forgive them and marry their daughter.

The sad thing is that these principles are wrong. I said they are wrong becos things dont work that way in our modern world. Maybe they worked in the sixties, but no more now. Let's take a look at them:

1. THE RICH AND THE POOR CAN ASSOCIATE TOGETHER IN MARRIAGE UNION BYLOVE: You may have seen those movies where the girl or the boy (e.g INI EDO or MIKE EZURONYE) is the child of the Governor and is dying in love with a guy/girl (e.g D. ELLIOT or MERCY JOHNSON) from a humble background who didnt even attend a university education, that's what i'm talking about. The last time i learn't
about such thing was in the SHAKESPARRIAN NOVELS. There is no such thing as that. The marked gap between the rich and the poor in our modern society is so wide that the so called rich considers poverty (anyting below their acceptable
standard of living) as a contagious lethal sickness they cannot mess around with. There are many reasons why this point is valid.
2. WHEN YOU ARE SORROWING, YOU WIN THE COMPASSION OF PEOPLE, EVEN THE RICH: lie lie! Have you seen those movies where one boy (CLEM OHAMEZE) lost his parents and he is the only child, his uncle has taken everything from him and drove him out of his father's house. Then he comes to the streets of ONITSHA to beg sorrowfully and people (YOU AND ME) are dashing him very fat sums of money.
And by night he would just enter the GRA in one of estates and knoks on the gate of one wealthy man (PETE EDOCHIE) and then his wife (NGOZI EZEONU) comes out to check whether the gateman is still in his watch, suddenly she notices the peson knocking, and after a brief explanation of a sad story, she expresses some emotional touch of the story and decides to take him in to live with her. Pls if you
knock on somebody's gate at odd times in the city they will lock you up.

The truth is, people do not subscribe to sorrow, people subscribe to braveness. If they want to help you, they want to see that you have that gots in you to succeed. People that carry sorrow with them don't have gots. They are bedeviled by the feeling of the ugly circumstances surrounding them. Some children, after watching all these Nigerian movies, would run away from their poor homes into the streets, looking for one rich man or the other that would take them in. that is a wrong ideology.

3. i will write this one tomorrow, my battery is down now. pls feel free to add
yours or comment on the ones above. tank you.

SOURCE: http://www.nairaland.com/1937686/three-wrong-things-nigerian-movies

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