A reason to keep going and never look back for better days ahead


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A reason to keep going and never look back for better days ahead
Posted on: October 07, 2014, 11:41:03 PM
The world is full of opportunities, success and failure, and opportunity and success is what every reasonable human being desires but let not forget that there the things that contribute to success and failure, that is to say that you become successful when you follow and work towards the right path and failure when you follow and work towards the wrong path but I have provided this little not to advise and guide you to the right path.
The only thing you can’t achieve in life: is anything your mind cannot think of because you are born to standout in the cloud, you are born to succeed.
Anything that you mind thinks that cannot be achieved: is only when you are not focused, no man is born a super hero or super rich you need to be focused and don’t let anybody or anything distract you.
Don’t stop keep going and don’t look back: Another thing from achieving your dreams even after thinking and staying focused is when you stop working towards your dreams, as we all know nothing good comes easy but the rules remains Work hard today and eat and enjoy tomorrow in other word as we used to say Today’s effort determines tomorrow So why can’t we suffer today and have a permanent rest tomorrow.
Don’t use the word I CAN’T: There are lots of things you always think that you can’t but most at times you find them being your hubby, the word I can’t can do more harm than good, always believe in yourself because you really can and will if you like it and determines to do it.
Never think you don’t have the opportunity like others: One big problem some us are facing today is that they think because they don’t have connections and rich father that they can’t make it in life but that is not true you can really make it even more than those that you believe that has the connections and money, ask me how?
The answer is that connections and money started one day, they are not born with it and you must know that for every wealthy family somebody paid the price just for others to benefit, also note that the price we are talking about here is not about money rituals or 419.
What we are talking about here is that someone:
Worked hard
Stayed focused
Believed in him/her self
As a result of the above, success becomes inevitable, why can’t you pay the price if someone else has not paid the price in your family and became their light, hope and their connection just as you wish you had a connection and someone supper right as a father, brother or sister.
Never stay at home waiting for job after graduating from University: I know how painful it becomes when you have spent many years and money in University only to come out and move from one office to the other without success.
Some will even give excuses that they need experienced person forgetting that experience don’t come from heaven except when you are given an opportunity to learn and acquire the knowledge while others will tell you to wait and after weeks, months and years nothing shows up.
The truth is that you are missing something here, who told you that you can’t be the one employing others, must you work under somebody all your life, most of the companies you are begging to offer you a job started small and as God may have it developed to a big company.
Ask yourself few simple questions such as:
What can I do?
What do I know how to do?
What do I enjoy doing?
How can I convert my hubby to money?
Remember that I told you not to use the word I CAN’T because you truly CAN the best idea is to think and ask yourself what can I do, remember that you can always achieve anything that you mind can reach, find those things you think you are doing already that might be of interest to others simple because like to do it and you know how to do it.
Finally let me use myself as an example: I was working in a company but I suddenly quit the job simple because I want to be self employed, I don’t want anyone to limit my movement or dreams.
I chose to be a Blogger simply because it’s my hubby I like it and I never get tired and I managed this forum for complete one whole year with getting a kobo from it but I never thought of going back simple because I enjoy doing it even without money.
The worst part of it is that within that period I pay for webhosting, and I pay for internet monthly subscriptions at least night plan of N2500 but I never said no let me forget it but the good news that story have changed now.
I have stopped working for anyone and I don’t regret it a bit because I make more than they pay me and soon I will even be employing people to work for me but most importantly i have all the time to go anywhere I wish to go, whenever I want and how I want, interesting right?
Believe in yourself, know what you want and go for it, the sky will be your starting point.
If you believe in yourself follow my advice and always visit xtremeloaded.com for more update and tell your friends, invite them to join xtremeloaded.com to stay updated just like you.

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