Don't be a liablity as a man or woman


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Don't be a liablity as a man or woman
Posted on: October 08, 2014, 07:00:31 AM
We all are different, that is what makes each person unique, the fact that there is not one exactly like u in the entire world, not even your twin look and act exactly like u.
In discovering ourselves, we see a lot that makes us different from others, and that ‘difference ‘is actually our power and opportunity to excel. Not discovering yourself will only make u miserable, u spend one year after another in same position, not going forward or backwards, many blame it on circumstance and lack of opportunities, but sincerely a lazy man you won’t know a good opportunity when it’s starring right at his face.

A smart person at age 18 have a picture of how his/hers future will be in 10 yrs time, YES! You don’t wait for people to think for you or hand it to you on platter of gold, u don’t blame circumstances, but make use of every opportunity you get. U don’t use another as a yard stick to measure yourself because you can never have it exactly the same way the person did.

Some people are so blessed and have things going easy for them don’t mean you should sit and feel sorry for yourself, it only means u too are blessed, In some other way more than those people, As I always say realizing that thing, gift, talent, passion that set u apart, goes a long way to solve your problem of lack.

As people will always say find out what you love to do and  you will never have to work another day in your life, because what is work, will actually be fun, fulfilling and what u always look forward to each day.
You don’t wait to have it big, you start from as little as you can begin with and you find out that if what you do is ur passion, in no time, u will be great, failures are not a stumbling block but stepping stones to success, in fact failing is not the issue, but the ability to stand up and move on, just shows how far you are ready to go in achieving your goal.

In life every situation is a teacher and every temptation(problem) a refinement, always keep a positive mind and attitude in everything u  do knowing that life is a coin, you can spend it anyway u wish, but you can spend it only ones.