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This is to inform general public that i have created a board titled MY BUSINESS for business owners which you can find above this forum on General Category.

The idea is to give you the opportunity to showcase and tell Nigerians and the whole world about your business, what you do and how they can find you for free.

This should be something you wanted, to let the whole world new more about you and to find you if they need your services but the truth is that you hardly find where to post such article for free but i decided to help you showcse and grow you business for free without asking for anything in return.

Are you surprise? Don't be xtremeloaded forum is dedicated to serve you and to help you discover your potentials and i promise to give more.

Why you need to write and post article about your business
We all know that a good businessman don't stay in his or her shop or industries waiting for buys in this modern world, a lot is happening online, you can reach potential buyers online because more than 80% Nigerian searches for product and services online.

Bring you business online and let the world know that you exist and will possibly find you because business is all about effective marketing strategy and online marketing is one of the effective marketing strategies so what are you waiting for start writing or ask someone to write for you if you can't but before then read the requirement below.

Requirement and acceptable articles
1. Full detailed article about your business that will help others find you.
2. You can add one link to your business website if you have any.
3. Your article must not be less then 350 words and might not be posted on other website[same article]
4. You must be real and not to deceive others and if you do your post will be deleted.

Click http://www.xtremeloaded.com/my-business to get started