You can move from ZERO TO HERO see how


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You can move from ZERO TO HERO see how
Posted on: October 09, 2014, 10:09:42 PM
We hear stories of people who started small and are now big and great people, most times we find it difficult to believe and sometimes we can’t just relate with the fact that they did what they did to become who they are now.

But the fact remains that in those stories there was a change from one position to another, as they say, the only constant thing in life is change the thing is, it needs nobody’s permission to manifest, it is not something anyone can control or hold back, all we can do is direct the change to whichever direction we want, that then determines whether it will be a positive or negative change, nobody wants to be in any worse position than he already is, and nobody wants to remain in one negative position for long, everybody wants to grow and positively, at that, and the situation we face in life also help determine which way we grow and how far, these are the fact of life, true, and it goes to tell us as the seconds ticks, time passes by, something is happening, change is taking place and people are growing, the question then is,  where do you stand? Are you moving with the pace or standing by the side and watch others move?

Are you effectively managing that little gift, shop, business, career, work you have and making plans to grow forward or you are waiting for someone to hand it to you on a platter of gold, waiting to have it big just like the other person so you can make it big? Listen:

·        Every journey begins with a small step
·        Every achievement was ones just a dream
·        Every brave man was ones just a tiny little baby
·        And that little drop of water you have can actually make a big ocean.

The only difference between where you are now and where you want to be are; effective planning, action and time, these are what is at our disposal, they are things you don’t get with money, and they are just there waiting for you to make effective use of them.

Like I will always say, time waits for no one, work towards your dream and if you are not where you want to be, don’t settle for less, nothing good comes easy. It is alarming to see how the youth relax, with a nonchalant attitude, whoever told them that there is a free lunch. it is heartbroken to see intelligent women taking the back seat, all in the name of being a full-time housewife, who says you can’t work/do business and at the same time be a good housewife, it is also disgraceful to see men, able-bodied men who sit and wait for big jobs, thousands to millions of naira or connection to actually go out there and make it, who says you cannot make it with the hundreds you are having?

It is not about the money, but the initiatives behind the money, it is not about having it big to start with, but making effective use of the little you have, even the bible says if you can’t be trusted with the little things how then can you be given the big ones.

The issue is time waits for no one, start from where you are to get to where you want to be. Nobody said  it will be easy, the facts are, it actually gets tougher as you go, but the tougher the journey the harder your skin, as it is said, it is when the going gets tough that the tough get going, the experience you get along the way makes it easier for you to handle situations as they come, so whether  you like it or not, change happens, you determine if it will be a positive or negative change, remember, if you can’t make a fortune you can’t keep it.

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Re: You can move from ZERO TO HERO see how
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