How to re-package yourself after heartbreak


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How to re-package yourself after heartbreak
Posted on: October 09, 2014, 10:48:46 PM
Heartbreak is one of those few things that almost everybody can relate to. It actually doesn’t have a particular age bracket which means just about anybody can experience it.

It is so sad but it's something that will remain with us indefinitely, because as long as there is loss of something or someone, there will always be heartbreak, yes it is sad but it is also the truth. So since it is going nowhere, it is paramount we understand it that will not make us any less heartbroken, but will enable us to get past it as quickly as possible and move or get on with our lives.

Heartbreak is a state of extreme sadness and disappointment, it is a feeling of pain where nothing and no one else matters ,you find yourself in a situation where you look but can’t see beyond it, and it seems to just  remain there and refuse to give way. The feeling of heartbreak is so terrible that it breaks down every other feeling and makes it impossible to feel anything apart from pain and sadness.

 If asked, we can use different named and feelings to describe heartbreaks but the fact remains, it is never a good feeling but a painful and terrible state of mind. The fact also is, we are capable of feeling so much pain only because we allow ourselves to love very hard and deep, it is beautiful but at the same time sad, because our ability to love deeply aggravates our pain when that love is lost, but as unique creatures we love anywhere, regardless of the pain. And the fact remains that life must go on, it may not seems so but it is not the end of the world, there is life out there with a lot of dreams, love fun and happiness, yes! Happiness and laughter.

There is still someone out there who will put not just a smile but laughter to your face, whatever you have lost cannot be replaced by anyone or anything, but the memories are still there to cherish the good parts, so you have to pick up what remains of your emotion and move on, because no matter how bad your heart is broken, the world will not stop for your while you are down grieving, the world is passing, you either choose to remain down and miss out in the world’s exotic moment or dust yourself up and live!

There is nothing you can do, because no one can turn back the hand of time, but we learn greatly from our mistakes, as long as we live, we continue to make mistakes, but we also should learn that no matter how old or wise we think we are life never stops teaching.