Keys stones of a successful builder


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Keys stones of a successful builder
Posted on: October 12, 2014, 09:38:09 PM
Every day you build blocks of your life, from conception to death, your success and achievement in life depends on how many blocks you were able to put together and how well you were able to build a magnificent life for yourself.

Life is not a bed of roses we always hear people say, yes, and it is also how well you lay your bed that you lay on it, in this case how well you build your house(life) that is how well you can live and how far you can enjoy it.

Equating life to a building, it is but to site the importance of laying a good foundation, getting the right kind of blocks and putting the blocks in the right places. We all have different designs of how we want our lives to look like, the best part of it all is that, we are the architect of whatever happen in that building (our lives), not just the architect but the contractors as well, so if you want to build a small house, your choice, don’t blame anyone for your lack of success.

In the course of building the blocks of life, we gather so many blocks depending on how well, big beautiful and well done house you want to live in. these blocks we gather are the opportunities we get, how well we use them, our investment, how well we manage them, our dreams, how hard we work(pursue) towards them, our relationship with people, how positively does it affect our lives, the kind of books we read, things we watch, places we go to, friends we keep, how do they enrich our lives, to mention but a few, these goes to say nothing we do in life goes unrecorded and nothing is meaningless, rather everything you do in life turn out to be the blocks you use to build up your life. But the three most important blocks are; dreaming big, working harder and continuity.

These are, like I will call them key Corner stones, that when place in the right place and used in the right way can build you up to greatness. Don’t be afraid of dreaming; don’t just dream but dream big! It is what you dreamt of that you will work towards, and it is what you want and work towards that you can get.

Living a life without dreams and aspirations is like being dead! You have no motion, no movement, no propeller, no drive, and no future and at the end, no life worth living, you may have lived 60years, but you are as empty as a new born baby, what a life! Dreaming is the easy part, it is easy to want, crave and dream of something, but the hard part is working to achieve the dream.

Not just working, but WORKING HARD! To know you have done a good day’s job is the satisfaction you get at the end of the day, the sense of achievement. You don’t just go out each day, do something random and come back, no, you set out your plans for the day and go out and work hard beyond the limit you set for yourself.

Don’t be afraid of hardship, or haven’t you heard? Nothing good in life comes easy, not the beautiful act of giving birth, not the incredible act of a baby walking, and not even the rigorous study you did to acquire knowledge, hear it again, absolutely nothing in life from birth to death is without any difficulty.

So suck up the fear and take up the challenge of conquering your world, fortunes are made not stumble upon. And lastly the hardest part of the whole building process is laying the block of continuity.

There will be many times when you try laying your blocks and it keeps falling, some blocks are laid to a height only for them to come crumbling down, don’t stop there, no matter how much progress were made that came crumbling down, go back, pick up the pieces of the blocks, mold them back together to be firmer and set them back in the right position and continue building. Take the discouragement, disappointment and anger, turn them into strength. Yes! Whatever hardship you pass through only makes you stronger.

 Remember, no one will build your house for you. If you are too lazy to build your own house (life) yourself, be satisfied with whatever is hand-down to you.

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