How to excel not to compete must read


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How to excel not to compete must read
Posted on: October 13, 2014, 10:21:46 PM
Every individual’s life is personal, so different and distinct from any other person’s life. Just like our physical appearance so also our talents and characters.

If then we are so unique and if one of a kind, how then do you expect to do the same things and expect different results as another person’s. If each of us have different goals and aspirations, why then do we struggle to surpass the other? Yes, at the end of the day everybody wants to be rich, but like I always emphasis, money is never an end in itself, but a means to an end, what you need money for is not what another needs it for, how much you need may not be how much another needs it for, in fact, we so differs in everything that it will be foolish to compete with one another

Many justifies it by saying, it is a healthy competition that makes you work harder, so tell me what is so healthy in striving and struggling only to get to where someone else is and maybe surpass him/her a little? I tell you it’s a waste of time, talent and opportunities, who know is your path in life is never the road you are trending just because you are blinded by the other person’s success and in a hurry to meet up with him you mess your path. Who knows whether you are destined to be greater than the other person, but you choose to work in his shadow. Pursue him to a point where you surpass him a little and then you are contended.

Listen, it is never wise or healthy to compete in a life’s race with people, it is so uncalled for to compare yourself with others in the first place, because that causes the problem, if there is no ground for comparison then there will be no need for competition. Why limit yourself to how others can go? Why deprive yourself of the opportunities of becoming who you are meant to be? Why using your precious time and resources that can only get you as far as another person’s point. Why using an inadequate yardstick to measure yourself.
Hear it now, if you have not heard it before, you are: EXCEPTIONAL, DIFFERENT, UNIQUE and ONE OF A KIND.

It is not flattery by the FACT. That is how not just you but everyone is created, whether you believe it or not never stop it from being the truth. It is past time you embraced who you are, that is the way to get to not just where you want to be but who you are meant to be!

You should not be in competition with anybody BUT YOURSELF. You goal should be to beat your last performance! So EXCEL