You don't need sugar Mommy or Daddy to succeed in life


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You don't need sugar Mommy or Daddy to succeed in life
Posted on: October 15, 2014, 12:28:48 AM
Yes you really don't need a sugar Mommy or Daddy in other to succeed in life, it's obvious that life has made it hard for us that we are looking for shortcuts to success to enables us make easy money that will also help us solve our problems as fast as possible.

We have to check a lot of things involved and why i said you don't need any sugar mommy or Daddy in other to get that your problem solved, i do know that most of you guys don't do it because you like it but because of circumstances but i tell you there is always a better way than sugar mommy and Daddy thing!.

First i decided to write about this topic You don't need sugar Mommy or Daddy to succeed in life simply because i feel so surprise that lots of guys are busy advertising online that they need sugar mommy and when ever i see such advert it pains me because i know is not right and if you doubt me then read this article till the end to know why i said that looking and doing sugar mommy and Daddy things is not right.

I understand that it might be fun to you having a fun with older men and women probably married men and women and as well getting paid on the process, interesting right?

Let me ask you, how would you feel if you get married and your wife or your husband decided to be having fun with hungry and helpless young boys and girls around the neighborhood? Do you feel OK about it, if yes continue but if NO just don't think about having fun with other peoples wife and husbands all in the name of making money or helping yourself as you may call it.

2 main Reasons why young boys and girls seek sugar mommy's and Daddy's
Let us have a brief look at the 2 main reasons why men seek sugar mommy's because i believe that most of the people who looks for sugar mommy is mainly for money.

1. To get money for their school fees.
I have visited so many website where some young boys and girls advertise that they need sugar mommy's and Daddy's who can take care of them and their school fees in exchange of fun, this and that, but let me tell you even if it pains you, Eduction is important but no longer do or die affair, if you can't afford it leave it.

Some young girls and boys want to be a graduate at all cost that made them do lots of unspeakable things just to be a graduate, is ok but remember that the life you live today will also have effect tomorrow either positively or negatively.

With no doubt education is very important but remember if you are having fun with other women's husband and wife's just to be a graduate, just be sure that others will as well have fun with your own husband or wife just to take care of their own schools fees

Being a graduate does not grantee your success, though our prayers is to find job and become successful once graduated but let me give you small assignment.
Look around you there are some people who are not graduate but are very successful, one landlord once proudly told me that he did not attend school and don't know anything about eduction but trust me the person am talking about has hotels, houses and cars with a healthy family.

If you check well again you will still see some graduate who have graduated for years now but nothing to be proud of till today. remember that most of them did some terrible things just to become graduate, i know you own will never be like that but what i am saying is that you shouldn't be looking for sugar Daddy's or Mommy's to pay your school fees because it might backfire you at the long run.

2. Laziness
Laziness is also one of the things that made some young boys and girls to be looking for sugar Mommy's and Daddy's people who don't want to think or do anything, i have someone around me who entered into this sugar Mommy and Daddy business simply because he can't even do anything but he wants everything as easy as possible.
To succeed in life you need to follow the right path and being Lazy is not really one of the right path.

To summarize this you don't need any Sugar Mommy or Daddy to succeed in life, you need to discover the things you do best and find a way to convert it and make it a successful business that will give you all you want, remember nothing good comes easy.
Everybody has a story to tell about his or her life and your own case is not different be wise and always do the right thing.

I discovered what i do best and converted it today to my full time job which by his grace i don't lack much and i don't need any old woman or man to help in other to get my problems solved and i believe you can do the same, try to establish yourself gradually and you will see how it will turn out to be.

If am right say something about these even if you have doubt let me see your own opinion.


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