Things need to be noted about the word SEX


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Things need to be noted about the word SEX
Posted on: October 16, 2014, 10:55:20 PM
SEX: It is the fastest and the most common way to degrade/devalue ourselves. It can be beautifully made or disgustingly made. Sex is so precious and unique but has been devalue and underrated. It is a surprise to see how perfectly well people have succeeded in turning it into joke and something insignificant.

Sex is nothing short of an amazing gift, just like your body is given as a gift from God, so also sex is a gift you give to another person. Have you ever imagined what it is to open up your body and give it freely to another? That, which is yours and yours alone, that the whole money in the world cannot buy, that which houses your everything! No matter the amount of wealth you make, the only thing which is yours is your body (a gift from God) soul and spirit, and these soul and spirit is house by this body, tell me which other thing is as important and precious as this? This is what many throw around as bones to which ever dog is available to grab! This is what so many uses as a weapon and means to get insignificant thing that can’t last as long as the body.
You only have one  body, if you damage it, there is no replacement. We do all sought of things to the body that degrade its value. It is the only one physical thing you can call your own, the only thing that people see and appreciate, how then do you see it, because what others see or say don’t matter, but what you see, how you see yourself, your body is actually the right assessment because you alone know what you have been through. So no matter how much you try to hide behind cloths, you are you.
Just because we didn’t pay for our body does not mean it cost noting, and sure gives us no right to use it as we please! If not for anything for the fact that you call it your own take care of it. When it comes to sex, truth and not experience is the best teacher, don’t be deceived you alone have control of your body, not your parents nobody but you. When you appreciate the value of sex, you know it is a gift and you normally give gifts to persons you know well and whom you feel you can trust.

The importance of having not only a physically beautiful and well kept body cannot be over emphasized; it goes to tell how healthy and happy we are inside and when I say a well kept body, I don’t mean the cloths, cosmetics and make up we wear and apply but the physical exchange of affection with another body. It can be called so many things like, Sex, making love, Intimacy, but it all boils down to the physical coming together of  more than one body for pleasure, sex is a precious gift lets not throw is around like it is insignificant.