Tips that helps you to stay longer in a relationship


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Tips that helps you to stay longer in a relationship
Posted on: October 16, 2014, 11:03:40 PM
Some say love is a fool’s game, many don’t believe the existence of love and lots of you who believe don’t understand what it means. Many feelings and emotion that is being called love, but  love is one unique feeling that has no branch and similar to none.

Many use the word love in past tense, like “I once loved him”, “he was my first love” and the most common that breaks my heart is “I am no longer in love with him”, the question is where you ever in love with him? You assume every sweet butterfly- in- my stomach feeling is love. That is where you get it wrong, love means a lot of things to lots of people but the fact remains that it is one reality that remains the same everywhere. Yes, love is simply SACRIFICE! Call it whatever, it nothing short of that, anything less is not love.

To love means to give your everything in exchange for nothing, to think less of yourself and more of the other, to tolerate the fact that the one you love
 is not perfect, with all his/her mistakes you stiil appreciate and adore the person he/she is, which sacrifice is more than these? It is so unique and special and like I always say compare to no other. With all these characteristics it sad and most times very hard to believe that love grows as well as diminishes/dies.

Yes, love diminishes. You see what makes love stronger is the ability to appreciate the same person over and over again. The person don’t always change but circumstance surrounding the relationship does, as your love grow, it faces so many challenges and brings out in others what they won’t do originally, it changes their view on so many thing in life and make them doubt themselves and their decisions, that is when the strength of love is tested, that is when your ability to love EVERYTHING about your partner is shown.  

Yes, you love his strength and tolerate his weakness, but if you start seeing more of his weakness than his strength, the question then is, WHAT DO YOU DO? QUIT OR WORK IT OUT?

Truthfully it will be easier to quit, get is over with, move on and hopefully you fall in love again.  But then again, there is the option of working it out, where you pass through the tedious act of rekindling that love, falling in love over and over again, it is simply special and definitely worth it.

The act of loving one person over and over again, it is like unveiling the person bit by bit and appreciating every bit of him, it is amazing to watch and a privilege to experience. It is extremely hard and very rare but it is still the safest. Quitting, and hoping or looking for someone else who will love you and in the long run won’t change, is simply impossible. There is no guarantee that you are going to truly love someone again, such opportunity don’t come often. In fact falling in love is the easier part, but staying in love, is simply special, and that is where we can truly
 say ITS LOVE.