Things you need to know about the word (LOVE)


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Things you need to know about the word (LOVE)
Posted on: October 19, 2014, 11:11:03 AM
Love is something that concerns both sex and you can’t talk about it without talking about both sex, male and female. According to the dictionary, love means to have strong feelings of affection for another adult and be romantically and sexually attracted to them.

We all have our own different definition of love because we feel differently when in love and we describe it the way that suit our situation. The bottom line is love is love; we cannot add anything to it or take anything away from it. It is just simple LOVE. And it is always indescribable and found in places that you least expect. Love has a lot of attributes and characteristic and this are things that make it so complicated and impossible to pick and choose who to love or not.

Women are said to be the most vulnerable when it comes to love, because they can easily and whole heatedly love, they tend to heal easily from broken heart and most of them continue to love over and over again. It takes a lot of love, yes! a lot more than we can imagine to open up our heart to love completely , to do that, means giving up ourselves completely to that person and the beautiful part is, you do that without knowing what to expect from the person, yet you do it happily without any doubt or fear, that is amazing, and the fact that it is not in our human nature to give without holding anything back, makes it a mystery.

As a woman, in understanding love I came to the conclusion that love is a decision that is made consciously based on vital information you find out about a person. As much as we want to believe that there is something like love at first sight, we should not discredit others, feeling like attraction, lust e.t.c. You have a first full glance at a person and viola! You in love! , sorry to burst your bubbles but it doesn’t work that way.

Love is always underestimated, and that is why it is used all the time to describe something meaningless
Love is a lot of feelings that develop overtime, don’t get me wrong, it starts from somewhere or something intangible and it just blossom to something remarkable, yes it may start from attraction, or having things in common but before it grows into love you have gotten to know the person better, and have unconsciously develop a tons of feeling for that person.

It is so impossible to describe the act of loving someone, but the fact remains you make that decision of love, most times the decision you take may not be what you want because so much as we make the decision, we don’t choose who or when to love, love happens and most times unforeseeable but we decide whether (consciously or unconsciously) if we can dispose ourselves to love, and be loved.
Love most times is like a surprise, but it still needs our consent to develop into something remarkable, that is where our decision comes in.

Love is often mistaken with other feeling like lust, attraction, and infatuation, but first and foremost, love creates feelings, but it is not just a feeling, it is a lot more complicated than just feeling, so don’t let feelings lead you into believing it is love and secondly, love may be influence by attraction but attraction doesn’t mean love, the feeling of love cannot be equated to any other feelings. Simply put “if it is not panadol it cant be panadol”.

We all love in our own ways, that is why there is no particular feelings that is associated with love, but know that whatever feelings it is, it’s so strong that you cannot even control it. It is so amazing to love someone but far more amazing to be loved in returned. So understanding what love is all about is as important as the act of loving someone. Some love, but find it difficult to show or express what they feel. Action they say speaks louder than words, the only prove that you love someone is by our actions, like the popular musicians west life sang ‘more than words is all you have to do to make it real then you wouldn’t have to say that you love me cause I would already know’. Action is what brings into reality the word LOVE.

Love is not something you force out on someone or make a person feel, it doesn’t work that way and do not be deceived with the saying that, with time he will love you, wrong! If he can’t love you now, what is the guarantee that he would in the future, you, yourself cannot predict. The question then is, do you want to risk your happiness with the fact that he may or may not love you? It is hard enough that we wake up each day not knowing what life, with all its uncertainties have in store for us, do we want to complicate issues by bringing more uncertainties into our future? Be real! If he does love you today, he is not going to love you tomorrow.

Many women hold unto what is familiar and comfortable and call it love, afraid to let go of what they know, listen love doesn’t come in small packages; it actually comes like a bomb that blows your mind away. You don’t just manage people, managing a person for the fear of losing him is not worth it, it is better to be single and readily available than to be in a relationship and miserable, how are you going to find and meet with true love when you hold on tight to what I call managing love

The issue love cannot be effectively exhausted no matter how much you talk and how well you describe it; it still remains unfathomable in many ways. We can only say as much as we know about it, but being human and with the fact it is beyond our control, we don’t know much. I tell you, true love is not a feeling one can mistaken for any other and until you experience it, you cannot describe it and until you describe it you cannot differentiate it from the rest.

As much many will not like to hear this, it still remains the truth, love is real and it is here!, it is left for you to open your eyes and look beyond the physical, straight to the heart, that is where you find love, there is no such thing as full love, half love, small love e.t.c love is never measured, it is either you love or you don’t!, Your choice.


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