Congratulations are in order (Marriage)


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Congratulations are in order (Marriage)
Posted on: October 19, 2014, 11:27:17 AM
Thank you. You cant just believe that you are MARRIED. its huge, many cannot comprehend how big and real it is. That you are no longer a whole being, but a half that completes another half, totally different half's coming together to complement each other, its a mystery only God can fathom. But we do commit ourselves to that mystery which defines us for rest of our lives, that is FAITH. The faith we have in each other, you are trusting yourself(half) to the other half with the faith that you will be happy with the outcome(future). And the big question is, ARE YOU HAPPY!

Regardless of what we tell people we know the truth deep down in our hearts, from the day we got married all through the number of years we stay married. Its a question we unconsciously ask ourselves every morning we wake up and we look at our other half, we think within our selves if we are happily satisfied with the outcome of our union, if the coming together of both halves actually contributed or hinder our happiness, the answer differs with the situation and person in question.

Many rush into marriage with the intention that their troubles are finished, forgetting that when you marry in haste you regret in leisure. Many don't take time to know themselves, get to know who they really are and what they want out of life, how then can you commit fully to a mystery that is suppose to build you up as a person and help build another when you don't know who you are.

Marriage is never understood, why people marry, cannot be fully comprehend. Many say love, but even love itself is not enough to build a stable foundation marriage, yes it is Paramount and every other reason cannot do without it(love) but yet it still cannot stand solid on its own.

To effectively and efficiently commit ourselves to a lifetime commitment we should first realize who we are and what we want. Marriages can break up when one party tend to realize his/her self in the process of being married to the other person, when he or she then sees the other person as an obstacle or an hindrance to his or her goals. It is only wise we avoid causing each other pain and headache

Both parties in a marriage deserves to be happy,that doesn't mean problems don't come and go, but true love and and happiness is, when at the end of each overcome problem, u still look at each other and truly say from the bottom of your heart, "you are still the one".