importance of planning to avoide failure in life


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importance of planning to avoide failure in life
Posted on: October 21, 2014, 09:36:35 PM
Life is a journey, a very long, unpredictable and tedious journey, and like a journey, you don’t just pack your  bags and go, without first knowing where you are going to and how to arrive there in one piece! That is planning. Life has many ups and downs, and its uncertainties, the most difficult is its surprises, you can’t tell how the next minute will be like, not to talk of the next day. still we live, with faith and hope, we dream and set our goals and work towards achieving those goals, that again is planning. Life and all its palava, the only thing that gives us a little control of our future is planning.

Planning is mapping out your goals, whether temporal or permanent, and devising means to achieve those goals. It is like an architect drawing a building he specifies how long it will take to build the house in question and what will be needed to erect the building to a required standard. That is planning, having a picture of how your future will look like. It is so important to plan, even as important as having goals, and it cost nothing to plan, nothing at all, just like having goals, but it is not about having goals, that alone cannot get you there, you need to work hard too, but a perfect goal with adequate hard work without planning make you end up working harder than you are suppose to and not getting exactly what you want, it is the planning that tells you, the direction to work towards.

The importance of having a good plan in place cannot be overstated, if you look around, everything is planned, from pregnancy to the number of years you spend to have a good education, even nature itself is planned by God; we have day and night, dates and months, even seasons. So if God should deem it fit to plan life this well and good, goes to say that whatever we do in life is worth planning for, for it to turn out good if not perfect. You can actually reach your goals without planning,  but then you will be more prone to failure, with planning it is a lot easier and enables you to reach your set goals with low cost, it also gives you a mind set and keeps you focus. So it is your choice, but keep in mind that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Weather you plan or not something must happen it is your decision to see if that which happens is actually what you want to happen. Yes, life can never be predicted and what you plan for sometimes doesn’t come to past, but if planning makes it easier and less prone to failure what will it be like not planning at all? Like the saying ‘those who fail to plan, plan to fail’ goes to say whether you are in agreement or not, every action you take is planned, you now decide who do the planning, it is better off if you do the planning  because, he who draws the building plan knows where the secret passages are.