Webmasters and Google Adsense things you must know


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Webmasters and Google Adsense things you must know
Posted on: October 21, 2014, 11:52:30 PM
Google Adsense is the first choice for many webmasters to monetize the website to cover the cost of their web-hosting[/a] and other things needed to keep their site on air and healthy but the issue is that i see lots of webmasters asking some few questions that shows that they don't really understand Google Adsense or how it works, such questions includes:

>> How to increase my Google adsense Earnings.
>> How to make more money with adsense?
>> My adsense earning is not increasing etc

If you check well you will still see lots of questions being ask by newbies but their question is not a wrong one the issue is there are other things we should all understand about GOOGLE ADSENSE  starting with the first question asked by new webmasters who wants to make money with Google Adsense.

How to increase my Google adsense Earnings?
This question is often asked by newbies but let me clear you on this, is true that there are many ways to optimize your Adsense earnings such as ads placement, size of your ads and how you re-brand it but that will not make us forget the fact that all you need in other to make money with Google adsense is when you have more traffic on your website.

Recently someone asked me how i make money with my website, also asked if i know how to make money with adsense and my answer was yes, he told me that he have not made anything with his site, i said OK can i see the website and he showed  me the url of the website, to my latest surprise he only mange to get 900 visitors since he started and he believes that he should be earning more with his 900 visitors so far.

I laughed and told him that you really need a lot more than 900 visitors to make money with Google adsense and to do that you need to work harder to get more traffic because if we go mathematically it means more unique visitors = more money, just simple as that.

If you are one of those who believes that they only need to create a site and place Google Adsense then money start rolling in, then you are making a big mistake, things that work that way with Google Adsense, you need to work more to earn more.

Another thing you should know is that when your traffic increases is when your Google Adsense increases too, let say that you are Ranking  500,000 out of millions of websites in the world and within 3 months your Alexa traffic ranking reduced to 100,000 then expect to see your earning to double by 3 times simply because not only that your website traffic increases but because more Advertisers will be biding to advertise on your high traffic website and as more advertisers bids to advertise on your site is the more you Google Adsense earning increases because your website value has increased as well,.

You shouldn't only create a site with the aim of making money alone but think of what you have to offer to the public, create a website to offer something valuable to your country and entire world because that money don't really come easily, that is why more site is coming and shutting down on a daily bases because some newbie will be disappointed when the money fail to come as they thought.

Always remember what involved to run a website such as:
Monthly internet subscriptions: if you don't have money that will cover your monthly data subscription it might be a big problem for you because to compete with others you must work day and night possibly at least for one year or months before your website grows to give you the money that can cover the bills.

Unlimited time required: if you are running a forum or blog and you need to be among the best, then you must work to be the best., lot of research is involved and apart from research you need to be creative and smart in other to compete with others.

A PC Computer is required:You need to have a computer before even thinking of having a website like Forum or person Blog because there are lots of things that your mobile phone can not handle.

Finally when you create a website with the intention of using Google Adsesne, never you listen to those who will tell you that there are other ways to get more click apart form normal optimization because you will get your account banned.

If have any question regarding to Google adsense or how you can run a healthy site feel free to join the conversation, i will like to see your own opinion on this.

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