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Posted on: October 23, 2014, 01:07:25 PM
Looking at the contextual definition of relationship,it can be define as the social,emotional,psychological connection between two people within or far away.but we shall be looking at it from friendship” standpoint.habitually,friendship can not be discussed without holding a uniting factor (MR.LOVE) field.obviously female world will hold it against me that love should not be gendered and if it should in anyway be so,that it should be addressed as (MISS OR MRS LOVE) but permit me to convey  this idea void of all preconceived notion by leading you back to our topic.

The fundamental reason of any relationship is to connect people and the environment effectively in communications which is the life wire of measuring whether two people in a relationship are compatible universally or incompatible in intricacy,if such parameter is used.then the question of whether  relationship can last without lies now comes in.

What do you call lies mostly in relationship,and what is the causes.lie by definition  is a deliberately false statement that retard the originality or integrity of someone in a relationship.


Lies has become the governing process in the system of today’s relationship,men lie with style in boldness. Like when he is engaged to a promising futuristic young girl, he would not like to entertain negative causalities that may mar them from getting married such as, if another young girl call him on phone when with his pretense he would create an uncomfortable atmosphere, indirectly telling the caller to call back later and if she ask him Darling, who was that, he would say one of my cousin sisters...this a lie....doing the wrong thing for a right reasons


Generally,89 percent of young girls in some under developed and developing countries thinks that every grown men is an uncle to her,such notion is caused by illiteracy on the side of their parents and some under educated teachers who mandates their student to call all adult men...uncle.

Subsequently,every wrong movement made without the permission of man in charge will attract questions,so in order to avoid misunderstanding,all secret lovers becomes their UNCLES.

In summary,truth is decent and decency is international,there is nothing as good and unique as being naturally truthful.the advantage is that it has no expiring date and love is the dynamics of such relationship.but lies is like creating a footpath with pieces of broken bottles in your front which must definitely bruise the heels.not minding the current trend among girls that believes in multiple fiancees with assumption that the latest may be the luckiest.

Personally,there still millions of decent and domesticated girls outside there, packaging themselves for the real men to come stick for what works for you and be the best of yourself but minimize the level of untruthfulness in your world generally and the best will come your way.good luck.