Interesting story about Susan and Collins


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Interesting story about Susan and Collins
Posted on: October 23, 2014, 01:52:43 PM
A girl name SUSAN was being bullied up at school, People laughed and mocked at her, but She pretended not to care about it and tried not to listen to them.
But inside it was killing her so badly. She felt no one ever cared about her that even if she died no one would attend to her burial until She met a guy and within minutes of meeting she totally fell in love with him but she knew he would never be interested in her so she went home and cried uncontrollably but unfortunately the next day at school Collins called her and spoke to her on their way to classroom but she felt he was the only one person she need, His name was Collins and she got to know him better and they became friends.
They fell in love as time goes on. She becomes happy say to Collins.

Susan:- Collins i need to tell you
something. .I love you more than i have ever loved anyone before.

*then she leans forward to hug him. But sadly He jurks back. And said..
Collins: you know i LOVED you but my heart has been stolen by another girl, then susan said "OK" that's fine, just fine.
she attempts to hold her tears.... as she looked at him, her eyes were watering. . .Its when she knew that this was to end. Frozen in that moment ,time was standing still.

Then Susan said said to him again "I would die for you.Goodbye". . . . she whispers into his ears "forever" the bell rings, and she runs home as fast as she could with tears rolling down her eyes.

As she walks through the kitchen. . . .She grabs a knife..She knew it was destined to go wrong for her. .She sits in her room..crying her eyes out.
She begins to cut her wrists with the knife.. . .She covers her face with her hands. . .and She leans back only knowing she only has a few minutes left. Her phone rings..

And behold it was Collins: hello? i need to tell you that
i was wrong because, i love you susan not the
other girl

I have been so stupid and so blind. . . . . I really love you..

SUSAN: *whispers* Its too late.
she hangs up the phone and she bleeds to death on the floor he runs to her house. looks at the
Susan's body he then Lies next to her and kissed her, then picks up the knife, takes his shirt off and cuts himself on the same spot susan cuts her self and say "she was all i ever loved" all the way up his arm holds her hand and cuts his wrists he looks up and noticed that Susan wrote on the wall with her blood saying: "i said i would die for you ..And i did"

What an interesting love story from xtremeloaded love doctor make sure you register and love your comment about this, as you read learn and be wise, God bless, God bless registered members and God bless xtremeloaded new visitors


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