The things we need to understand about money (MONEY PALAVA)


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The things we need to understand about money (MONEY PALAVA)
Posted on: October 24, 2014, 11:01:33 PM
everybody wants to be rich, everybody wants to be able to satisfy his need and take care of his responsibilities. infact money goes a long way in making us comfortable and appreciated, but we should not forget that money is not everything. the truth is we tend to measure everything in terms of money, our friend, our property, even our attitude is influence by how much we have in our pocket, but should we really be controlled by the one thing that even the bible says is the root of all evil?
   dont get me wrong making money is not bad, infact it is as important as any other thing to be rich and comfortable, but the moment we start seeing money as an end in itself {which is totally wrong} that is when we start thinking of getting money by all mean. there are so many other things that are far more impotant than money and as it maybe, we can never buy such things like integrity, the ability of being honest and transparent, faithful friends that will stand by you through thick and thin, friends that will always support and encourage you, happiness you can agree with me that true and total happiness comes from within, it is something that even the poorest of creature can posses and some very rich men cannot afford. the above are but to mention a few, but we can see that it is impossible to equate any of them with money or put a price tag on them,  and theyare so important that at the end, with all the money you may have and without these things,

 you are worse than the poorest of men.
the importance of money cannot be over emphasis, yes! but more emphasy should be placed on the other values of life, in our search for money we should also haveat the back of our mind that it is only a means to an end, we should keep our hands clean, because, that is the only way we can attract/get the blessing that comes from our hussling/work. we should also be nice to the people we see on our way up,because if you dont meet them when coming down you will see them up there one day, no one predict the future accurately, and no condition, be it good or bad, is permanent. so, respect and cherish the people you see around you today for they may those that will speak on your behalf tomorrow.