Federal Government To End Niger Delta Amnesty Program By 2015


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Federal Government To End Niger Delta Amnesty Program By 2015
Posted on: October 29, 2014, 02:21:05 AM
Nigeria’s Federal Government is set to end the Niger Delta
Presidential Amnesty Program by 2015, Special Adviser to
the President on Niger Delta Matters, Hon. Kingsley Kuku
said. He said this at a departure ceremony for 186 ex-militants
who were leaving for training the United Kingdom, Ireland
and South Africa. Kuku further revealed that 16,683 ex-
militants have so far received training or are receiving
training since the start of the program. The program, which was established by late President
Umaru Yar’Adua as a means of rehabilitating and pacifying
Niger Delta militants who renounced fighting, started in
2010 and was expected to run for five years. “By 2015, this program would be winding up because it has
a terminal date; we are pursuing this doggedly. From
inception, the program was designed to run for five year
which we believe should not be altered,” Kuku said. The Niger Delta Special Adviser estimates that some 4,000
ex-militants are undergoing training in 2013, and adds that
6,000 more will receive training in 2014 and “less than
6,000″ in 2015. “This is novel and we do not need to delay our work to
remain in office. That is not our vision,” Kuku added.
The ex-militants get training in different fields. Of the 186
ex-militants turned eager students, 60 will undergo a 12-
month emergency medical technician course in South
Africa, while the other 126 are set to study varying courses in the UK and Ireland.