About our dreams and aspirations


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About our dreams and aspirations
Posted on: November 02, 2014, 09:59:21 PM
Our dreams and aspirations are actually what keep us going they are like our propellers. our vision, whether small or big, are actually what drives us out of bed in the morning, and amidst all the difficulties we face in life, we still have the energy to strive and hope for the better.

    Dream is the power to actually see beyond now, into the future, and place ourselves in certain position in that future and work diligently and consistently towards that position. Everything we do in life centre round our dream and aspirations, unknowingly we cling to and surround ourselves with people and things that brings us closer to those dreams.

   By dream, I mean, goals and aspirations we have not the nightmares. The ability to dream big, set goals and work towards it is nothing short of positioning yourself in a better place in the future. Yes! Dreams comes true, goals are actually reached and what you aspire can definitely come to past, the question now is, how much effort do u put and how often do u give up.

   When you want something badly, so badly, you see yourself getting that thing not because of how badly you want it but because you want it so badly that the word ‘cant’ is not in your thinking, to you it’s not an option. Reminds me of a true life story, a 22years old American, whose father, in the process of repairing his car went under it and the jerk used to hold the car slipped, the girl saw that the father wasn’t breathing because the car fell on his chest and she was all alone in the house, she began pulling the car up, she just kept pulling, normally we think and say, how can a 22years old girl pull a car up alone and we give up easily even before we get started, but  she wasn’t thinking of failing, she did not think the impossibility, she just kept pulling, the fear of her father dying and the thought of not allowing that to happen gave her the strength to pull the car up and drag her father out. Yes! she actually did succeed on what many will think is the impossible, because she, not for one second think she couldt, that is the power of positive thinking.

   While striving to make your dream come true, the thought of failing should never cross your mind, even if it does it should not deter you or stop you from trying, winners never quit and quitters never win, you just have to succeed. And don’t just stand at a point, don’t get too comfortable in a position until you get what you want, if you are not there yet, keep going, you don’t have to settle for less, there is no excuse to. Whatever you do today, do it better tomorrow, just be focus and keep going, don’t be the type that want one thing today and another tomorrow, you keep changing your mind, the only reason people fail is broken focus , be focus on that which you want and work towards it, that is a guaranteed success.

   Don’t be afraid to dream big, little dreams should be like a self appraisal test, but big dreams actually get you there, so not just big but great dreams!, dream the unthinkable, the unimaginable and the impossible, that is how most things get to be invented and the thought of what you stand to loss actually propels you to succeed. Great dreams require time, that is where patient comes in, you don’t give up easily cause nothing good comes easy, you keep going, keep moving, keep striving, your hard work will surely pay off someday, don’t be deceive by anyone and don’t wait around till something happen, make hay while the sun shines because the future is too great to be ignored.