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Posted on: November 02, 2014, 10:06:59 PM
It is both humanly and divinely impossible to distinguish between both, you can’t talk about one without saying the other, because they are both one and same. GOD is LOVE and LOVE is GOD.

Love just like GOD can be equate to no other, we hear all the time what GOD does for us, the many ways he has show us how much he loves us, the best which is giving his only son to die for us {I can’t talk about God and love without Jesus}, but with the knowledge of all these, we still cannot fathom how great his love is and how limitless his mercy is.

No matter how much we claim to know God, he is still a big mystery, the fact that he is sometimes quick to strike and sometimes slow to anger makes us wonder, as human, how much he loves us and no matter how much we are told “God loves us” we can’t really understand its meaning until we feel it. That is where the problem is.

We humans are use to saying things we don’t feel/ mean which makes us to look for things in the wrong direction/ place, we all expect to see and feel the love of God in insignificant things, richness, wealth, beauty, happiness, success etc. That is the beautiful thing about God, he is where you least expect, in your problems, your poverty situation, in your weakness that is where you will fine God and get love in full measures. Don’t get me wrong, he is there when things are good too but shows us more love when we are down, depressed and sorrowful and those are times we let our situations get better part of us. He is there steering, waiting anxiously for you to recognize his presence and feel his love but we over burden ourselves with unnecessarily things and ignore his presence.
We worry about, food, cloths and those things that put us in that position in the first place and ignore the one and the only truth that can rescue us.
God is every where, mostly in our heart and he is more sufficient, we need no other, to be happy, fulfilled and successful in life, HE is enough and his love is never ending, you don’t have to do much, say much or go to many places to look for him, you just have to open-up your heart and take upon yourself to do that which HE desires no matter how difficult, that is the only way we can tell him LORD I ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR LOVE AND I ACCEPT, DO WITH ME WHAT YOU WILL.


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