10 Differences Between Wife-material And Girl friend-material


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10 Differences Between Wife-material And Girl friend-material
Posted on: November 03, 2014, 06:10:17 AM
This are some of the differences between a wife material and a Girl Friend material, as you may know most men don't have problem dating any woman but when it comes to marriage they always look and think twice before making that serious choice that is why i bring to you those things that differentiate wife material and girl friend.

1-Wife material wear simple Make-up, Girl friend Material wear excessive make-up
2-Wife material avoid inconveniencing the guy,Girl friend material never mind if u are convenient or inconvenient
3-Wife material always advice u to cook at home,Girl Friend material prefer eateries
4-Wife material accept sorry without any gift,Girl Friend material will want u to apologize with a gift even if it's a token
5-Wife material will do all she can to stop u from clubbing,Girl Friend material will want to follow u to club
6-Wife material will want u to move closer to God,Girl Friend material doesn't care if u know God or not
7-Wife material will Luv your parent and Siblings, Girl Friend material don't care about them.
8-wife Material will advise you to save money,Girl Friend material will advise to spend cos nobody is sure of seeing tomorrow
9-Wife material talks more of the Future,Girl Friend material talks more of the present
10-Wife material can cook,Girl Friend material can only cook indomee.

Add yours if u have a wife material as a wife or Fiancee....

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