MTN Nigeria 100mb Reward for November and December


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MTN Nigeria 100mb Reward for November and December
Posted on: November 06, 2014, 10:25:16 PM
MTN Nigeria is giving out free 100mb free for charge to reward their customers this Mber mounth November to December 2014 MTN Rewards.

You can recieve free 100mb from MTN Nigeria instantly by sending 11 to 400 as an sms to see if you are qualified to be rewarded with 100mb or other mtn reward prices such as Free airtime, free sms and so many of them.

I hope to see more rewards from other network operators this season but for the main time MTN free 100mb is on point.

Little advice on how to get your own free 100mb from Mtn Nigeria

Net everybody will be given the MTN free 100MB Reward but i noticed something that can help you get the free 100 megabyte from MTN Nigeria

If you have an Android powered phone use it to send 11 to 400 as an sms but if you don't have try to find someone who can allow you to use his/her Android phone, then use it to get your own 100mb though other phones works as well but if you are only interested to get the free 100mb from mtn then try using Android phones because when you use other phones they might reward you with free airtime or sms messages.

Hope this helps if yes kindly register on this forum while we provide more for you.