UEFA Latest Ranking Of European Clubs


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UEFA Latest Ranking Of European Clubs
Posted on: November 08, 2014, 09:08:54 PM
There are 456 European clubs. Here is a list of the TOP 10 clubs from UEFA latest ranking and club co-efficients.

The club coefficient rankings are based on the
results of clubs competing in the five previous
seasons of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA
Europa League. The rankings determine the
seeding of each club in all UEFA competition draws.

1 Real Madrid CF ESP
2 FC Barcelona ESP
3 FC Bayern München GER
4 Chelsea FC ENG
5 SL Benfica POR
6 Club Atlético de Madrid ESP
7 Manchester United FC ENG
8 FC Schalke 04 GER
9 Valencia CF ESP
10 Arsenal FC ENG

Source: uefa.com