In life everything counts, our happiness, disappointment


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In life everything counts, our happiness, disappointment
Posted on: November 08, 2014, 11:14:44 PM
In life everything counts, our happiness, disappointment, our trails and difficulties, our families and friends, everything we do in life counts and are, one way or the other connected to what happens next. So in order to get what we want out of life, and channel our energy in right directions, we must take not just any actions but meaningful actions at that. Whatever happens to us in life is actually the result of our actions, they cannot be separated, and a huge percent of our success or failure depends on the actions, so it is wise to think real hard before we act, because every action has its own implications.      

Life is never a bed of roses; it is actually the way you make your bed that you will lay on it. You want positive thing take positive actions, don’t do things because others are doing them, be unique, be different, that is how you are created, “Different “ and that is how you should live,

 “different”.  It is not bad to learn from others, but the word there is “learn”, not “copy’ just like no two people are exactly the same so also no two situations are exactly the same, so what is applicable to one may not be applicable to the other. Coping only makes the situation worse, but learning enables you to have a wider knowledge of not just the situation by a lot more, and makes it easier for you to solve problems, that don’t mean you won’t make mistakes; in fact it is impossible not to make mistakes, as long as no body is perfect, nobody is above mistake.  Mistakes are set backs that most times discourage us, but they actually become meaningful when we learn from them, you don’t just discard them because you will end up making that same mistake again.

In life whatever you sow that is what you will reap, there is definitely no two ways about it, so it is important that you take meaningful actions at the appropriate
 time, and make effective use of all mistakes by learning from them., in order to build up a legacy you will be proud of