13 Best Joke of the day you must read this


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13 Best Joke of the day you must read this
Posted on: November 12, 2014, 09:31:07 PM
I want to make your day a perfect and interesting day with this joke VS Advise that will make you laugh and feel happy for the day, i here by present you this 13 best joke of the day which i also call Joke VS Advise.

*U buy suya your woman chop all the meat, u come dey smile dey chop the onions, u be vegitetian?

*U ask a girl for what she wants and she tells u money and u are angry, were u expecting her to say wisdom knowledge and understanding abi u won be God?

*U dey with ur guy and u dey receive different types of phone calls every 5mins, yet u dey claim say u no dey cheat. My sister u be mtn customer care agent?

*U dey carry girlfriend go club after marriage u want to stop her from going to club. My brother u think say miracle dey happen anyhow?

*Ur babe get F9 parralel for WAEC yet she still dey ask for Brazilian hair of #150000. Abeg were she won fix am for that coconut head?

*U have 8 tribal marks and stretch marks scattered all ur body yet u still want a tattoo... My friend u be zebra?

*U are 6feet tall, u still come wear 6inches high heeled shoe, sister u be tower of babel?

*U dey inside different type of cars dey snap picture yet u want ur man to believe u are not cheating on him...Anty u be mechanic?

*U gather different girls picture on ur phone yet u expect her to believe u are not cheating on her. Uncle u be photographer?

*U dey pay ur babe wey dey university school fees and u never write jamb ..my man u be scholarship board?

*U dey 18 years and ur sugar dady dey 70 and u still dey call am baby. My sister he should be ur ancestor.

*Ur babe is licking ice cream and u dey drink pure water. Abeg no vex u get diabetes?

*U claim say na rice and chicken with salad na him u eat but u dey vomit fufu with egusi soup. U be merlin?

*U scored 38 in jamb and u say u won read medicine, u better go do native doctor after all all nah medicine.

*U dey read this post and u no won laugh, abeg u be balotelli abi Obj

First written by explorer

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